Kim Ji Soo Apologizes For Arriving Late And Drunk To Interview

Kim Ji Soo and her agency Namoo Actors have apologized for the actress arriving late and drunk to an interview.

Kim Ji Soo arrived 40 minutes late to a round table interview scheduled for 10 a.m. on October 17 at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul for the upcoming premiere of her movie “Intimate Strangers.”

When the actress arrived, according to reports, she had a cap pulled low over her face and had trouble keeping her eyes open. After apologizing for her late arrival, the interview began, but Kim Ji Soo was unable to answer questions properly, slurring her speech and unable to raise her head.

A reporter eventually mentioned that she didn’t seem sober, to which she said, “Yes, I’m not quite sober yet. After watching the movie yesterday, [the cast] went out for dinner and drinks. But I’m fine. I can answer questions.” When the reporter stated that it didn’t look like she could continue, she replied, “Why? I’m fine, but are you upset?”

In the end, Kim Ji Soo was led out of the interview by an employee from her agency, who explained that she had been out until 3 a.m. with movie affiliates, and that her hangover appears to be especially severe because she hasn’t had alcohol in a while. The actress’s interviews for the day were all canceled.

Later that evening, Kim Ji Soo released a letter of apology to the reporters at her interview through her agency:

“Hello, this is Kim Ji Soo. I’m writing this letter to apologize to the reporters [at the interview] regarding what happened this morning.

“I didn’t have my wits about me and didn’t get the chance to properly apologize before leaving, so my heart is even more heavy. I’m very sorry to all of the reporters and people involved in the movie.

“It’s the first movie I’ve done in a long time, and, happy after hearing good reviews, I ended up joining people at the after party. Because it was my first time drinking in a while, my tolerance was worse than I thought. On my end, I was thinking that I should have a sense of responsibility and participate in the interview no matter what, but I’m sad that it actually turned out for the worse, and I’m sorry. Moreover, I was flustered because of various unexpected situations; I’m ashamed that I was unprofessional in front of everyone.

“It’s painful looking back and thinking about the people that worked to help me be where I am and how I wasted all of the reporters’ valuable time. There’s nothing I can say except that I am truly sorry.

“For [the] remaining time, I will do everything I can in humble apology. I’m sincerely sorry.”

Namoo Actors also released an apology:

“Hello, this is Namoo Actors.

“We offer our sincerest apologies for the actions of our agency actor Kim Ji Soo this morning. Kim Ji Soo is deeply regretful of her wrongdoing and is taking time to reflect on her actions.

“Moreover, we sincerely apologize for causing issue ahead of the premiere of this movie, which is the product of hard work by so many people.

“The agency also feels deeply responsible for letting this happen, and will work to reorganize internally so that something like this does not happen again.

“Once again, we apologize to the reporters who had to leave after taking valuable time to attend the interview as well as to the loving fans of Kim Ji Soo, for causing concern and disappointment.”

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