The East Light Members Reportedly Abused By Producer And CEO + Agency Responds

Warning: Article contains some descriptions of violence. 

The East Light members have reportedly been abused by their producer and CEO.

On October 18, news outlet Xportsnews reported that the members of The East Light have been verbally abused by Media Line Entertainment CEO Kim Chang Hwan and physically abused by producer “A” since 2015 until now.

According to a source, “Producer ‘A’ not only verbally attacked and punished The East Light members, who are minors, but also slapped their faces and was severely violent with a baseball bat, metal microphone, and more.” “A” reportedly wrapped a guitar string around one member’s neck and pulled it every time he made a mistake in his performance. If the members tried complaining against such actions, he threatened them saying, “I’m going to kill you.”

As a result, some members have suffered from injuries such as bleeding from their heads or bruises on their buttocks.

CEO Kim Chang Hwan reportedly allowed these actions to happen and has also reportedly cursed and threatened the members. After watching “A” locking in the members and physically abusing them, Kim Chang Wan simply commented, “Don’t be too harsh.”

The source shared, “One member has even received treatment for physical and psychological pain due to the physical and verbal abuse.” Some of the members have reportedly appointed a lawyer and are preparing to take legal action.

When asked about the reports, Media Line Entertainment responded, “We are currently checking.”

Stay tuned for more updates.

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