Jung Yu Mi And PD Na Young Suk To Take Legal Action For Malicious Rumors

Actress Jung Yu Mi and producing-director (PD) Na Young Suk will be taking legal action against parties related to their malicious rumors.

Previously, on October 17, rumors of adultery between Jung Yu Mi and a star PD spread on online communities. The rumors stated that the two allegedly had a special relationship, meaning adultery. As the rumors spread, Jung Yu Mi’s name shot up on the realtime search rankings on various search engines and continued to do so the next day.

On October 18, the actress’s agency SOOP Management as well as PD Na Young Suk released official statements. Both parties stated that they would be taking legal action against the source of the rumors, those who spread them, and malicious commenters.

Read SOOP Mangement’s statement below:

“Hello, this is Management SOOP.

“This is our official statement on the recent malicious rumors about Jung Yu Mi that have been spreading on various websites and social media. We would like to clearly state that the rumors are not true.

“We are no longer able to stand idly by as the groundless rumors spread indiscriminately, tarnish her name as an actress, and hurt her. We are also very displeased that our agency’s actress’s name has been brought up in relation to such unbelievable rumors.

“We have completed collecting evidence to make those who came up with the rumors, spread the rumors, online publishers, and malicious commenters, responsible. We are planning on filing a complaint through the law firm today. Those who wrote and published the rumors will be legally punished, and there will be no settlement or favorable handling.

“Actors and their families are always being hurt by the ‘if not, then oh well’ type of rumors. We earnestly ask that people refrain from spreading rumors or reporting speculations. We hope that malicious rumors will no longer be spread or published from now on and will take strict measures against issues that damage our actors’ names. Thank you.”

Read PD Na Young Suk’s statement below:

“Hello, this is PD Na Young Suk. I would like to share my statement regarding the groundless rumors about me.

“All of the rumors are lies, and I plan to take legal action against the first person who spread them as well as malicious commenters. As it has to do with my personal name as well as my family, I am definitely revealing that there will be no favorable handling. Currently, CJ ENM as well as lawyers are collecting relevant evidence and are preparing to submit a complaint.

“The one sad aspect is why and who would produce and spread such hostile fake news. Yesterday, the rumors were so absurd that I laughed and dismissed it. Watching how those rumors changed into what [was perceived as] the truth today made me personally very sad and in despair. I promise once again to bring legal responsibility to those who are involved.”

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