Friendship Goals & Real Romance: 3 Reasons To Watch TW-Drama “Love And π”

Love and π” is a Taiwanese romance slice-of-life drama starring Ivy ShaoBen WuDaniel Chen and Candy Yang that focuses on a group of four best friends. Yuan Yuan (Ivy Shao), Wu Xian (Ben Wu), Hou Zi (Daniel Chen) and Mei Xin (Candy Yang), grew up in an orphanage in the rural town of Yunlin, and the drama chronicles the journey of these best friends who venture out to the big city of Taipei in pursuit of their dreams. They discover quickly that life isn’t easy in Taipei and as the drama progresses we see how they survive while trying to find their footing in the city.

The drama has several major themes including new beginnings, friendship and family, as well as romance and career aspirations. All of these themes are explored and intertwined in such an honest, thoughtful, and realistic way with a focus on genuine emotions. I could go on for a long time on why this drama is great, but here are three main reasons why this drama is worth watching!

The perfect slice of life

“Love and π” does an excellent job in portraying people and their everyday struggles. The drama makes it really easy for you to relate to all of the characters in some way, as their struggles are ones that a lot of us have had or could face in the future. I felt for Yuan Yuan when she first entered the work force at a travel agency and encountered the evils of office politics; I sympathized with Hou Zi in his struggles to find work because he lacks the education and work experience; and Wu Xian’s struggle when he decides to choose a career in medicine over his love of industrial design is something many can relate to. Some might also relate to Mei Xin, who yearns for a different life outside of her comfort zone working on a farm. I really love that a major part of this drama is about growing up and maturing, being responsible for yourself and others, as well as being able to bravely move forward despite all the difficult obstacles.

Friendship goals

The friendship in “Love and π” is the most moving aspect of the drama. This group of best friends isn’t just any regular group of friends. Growing up as orphans, they’re not only friends but they’re each other’s family. The friendship development between them is the biggest draw because it is so organic and raw. Yuan Yuan, Wu Xian, Hou Zi, and Mei Xin are all changing and developing as they transition into adulthood, which comes with a testing of loyalty and sacrifices needing to be made. There’s multiple time jumps throughout the drama, showing us their childhood to university life and finally adulthood. With these transitions, we see our group of friends learning and growing together, yet at other times we can also see them start to grow apart as their views change with maturity. Their character growth intertwined with their friendship is what makes this drama such a touching story.

One of my favorite moments of this friendship is when Hou Zi is released from jail after being caught up in a scamming ring. Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan don’t give up on Hou Zi despite his tarnished reputation, and they also welcome him back with open arms and full of support. They provide him a place to stay, new clothes, a new phone, and even allowance money to help him transition back into the world again. If anything, this drama teaches us that family isn’t just about being related by blood, but it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, and that love and accept you for who you are.

Realistic romance

The relationship between Yuan Yuan and Wu Xian is very real. The two of them grow up as best friends and as family. Wu Xian has always been in love with Yuan Yuan, always taking care of her in his protective, brotherly way. As for Yuan Yuan, she’s always viewed Wu Xian as an older brother figure, but realizes over time that she’s always been in love with him as well. Their transition from long time friends to romantic partners is very natural and sweet, and their relationship is also portrayed in a realistic way.

A lot of common problems many couples face result from a lack of communication, and our OTP realistically struggles with this, as they often do not share their problems with each other. Wu Xian compares their relationship to a seesaw: they have trouble finding the right balance with each other. Yuan Yuan often has disagreements with Wu Xian on how she is handling the bullying in her workplace, while Wu Xian lacks the understanding of the work pressure and stress Yuan Yuan is going through. The pair eventually breaks up when they’re both given opportunities to further their careers overseas. But what makes our pairing so special is that despite breaking up, they’re still family in the end, and they’ll always be there for each other when needed. It is the kind of special bond that can’t be easily broken.

Too often in dramas when we see a couple get together, we are lead to believe that it’s happily ever after. But we all know it’s not always true in real life, which is why I really appreciate the portrayal of Wu Xian and Yuan Yuan’s relationship and have faith that our OTP will find their way back together in the end!

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