FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Talks About Dancing For The First Time In 11 Years For His Solo Track

FTISLAND’s vocal Lee Hong Ki will be dancing to his song for the first time since his debut 11 years ago.

During a press conference for his new album “Do n Do,” he explained the title of his album, saying, “We usually use the word ‘again’ to describe a situation where we do things over and over again, but the phrase ‘do and do’ sounded cute to me. So I chose this phrase as the title of my solo album to hold the meaning that I would do more solo promotions.

He added, “It’s been a long time since I made a comeback as a solo artist. I have been doing things like releasing other songs, appearing on variety shows, and performing on stage for the past year. I have never been so busy like this since my debut. I am working really hard.”

The album is filled with colorful sounds, supported by musicians who are close to Lee Hong Ki, known as Hong star’s crew. Lee Hong Ki composed the title track, “Cookies” with BTOB’s Ilhoon. He said, “I got the idea for the title song from watching the post-credit scenes at the end of a Marvel Superhero movie.” (In Korean, post-credit scenes are described as “cookie clips.”)

He continued, saying, “I live a fun and colorful lifestyle, but in the future I’m going to live life having even more fun together with my friends. I likened the idea that stories never really end to the term ‘cookie clips.’ It also holds the meaning of asking my fans to wait for this album, since it is the last solo album before I enlist.” For this album, Cheetah featured in the pre-released song “I AM,” while DinDin featured in “Campfire” and SF9’s Zuho featured in “Come To Me.”

Fans can also find out about Lee Hong Ki’s dancing skills with the title track. Lee Hong Ki revealed, “I’ve never danced to a song before. It’s my first time dancing to a title track in my 11-year-long career. I didn’t have any previous intention to dance on stage, but the thought suddenly came to me when I was composing. I felt the need to put in some action into the song, so I asked 1Million Dance Studio to help me with the choreography.”

Lee Hong Ki added, “I am not a bad dancer. I’ll just dance softly and naturally while my back dancers perform the powerful choreography. That’s the theme of the whole choreography.”

He also mentioned the military issue, saying, “I have to go to the military next year. I wanted to enlist with all the FTISLAND members, but Minhwan has a baby. So the plan is the older members go first and the younger members follow them after a short interval in order to shorten FTISLAND’s gap as much as possible.”

The press conference ended with Lee Hong Ki’s final thoughts on the album. He said, “I don’t think I found [the perfect music] for me yet. When I first gained popularity, I expected that I would disappear soon anyway. But I was able to find the music that I enjoy. In my twenties, I wanted to do every and any genre of music that I liked. My life after the military will be a new beginning. Music is very important to me, and I’m looking at things in the long term. I feel that FTISLAND will shine brighter in our thirties and forties. Singing and acting skills increase as you age and practice, and all our members are doing that. I also think it’s better to survive longer in the industry. I want to live my life as fully and freely as possible.”

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