Kim Jong Min And Hwang Mi Na Reveal Their Thoughts On Marriage

Reality show couple Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na recently spoke about the topic of marriage on TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating” (literal title).

On October 18, the dating variety program showed Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na’s day together.

Kim Jong Min parked his car outside of Hwang Mi Na’s office and waited for her to surprise her. Upon seeing him, she broke out into a big smile. He said, “I came to fulfill your wish” and she replied, “I want to brag about this.”

In the car, they talked about their text messages to one another. Kim Jong Min had sent her pictures of proof that he had watched her live broadcast on TV, and Hwang Mi Na told him that she watched his shows as well. The two had become close enough to miss each other and wonder what the other person was doing when they weren’t together.

Hwang Mi Na asked him what he was up to and he told her to look behind her. The back seat was filled with shopping bags. He asked if she had gone on trips and handed her couple items. “I want to wear couple looks, bathing suits, and go to the beach,” said Kim Jong Min.

He then asked Hwang Mi Na about her primary concern. When she hesitated to answer, Kim Jong Min revealed, “Mine is marriage. I want to have babies too. I don’t envy people who make lots of money and live alone.”

When Hwang Mi Na asked, “But doesn’t your freedom disappear when you get married?” Kim Jong Min replied, “You shouldn’t be confined.”

The couple arrived at a restaurant to meet Kim Jong Min’s best friends. She asked them if they had met his previous girlfriends and Kim Jong Min looked startled by her question. He gave his friends trusting looks, but they replied, “Didn’t you date [redacted]? Don’t you know the dating rumors?” Kim Jong Min commented, “What are you talking about? These guys are crazy.”

When he briefly left the table, Hwang Mi Na shared her thoughts on marriage. She said, “I originally wanted to get married late, but many people around me were talking about marriage. After listening to my friend’s concerns about marriage, my thoughts on marriage changed.”

“Taste of Dating” airs on Thursdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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