Update: N.Flying Shares Stunning Photos For “Like A Flower”

Updated October 22 KST:

N.Flying has shared beautiful teaser photos for “Like a Flower”!

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N.Flying has released new teasers for their special “Fly High Project”!

N.Flying’s new “Fly High Project” will be a year-long project in which the group releases new music, goes busking, and holds a concert every two months. Aimed at introducing more people to N.Flying’s potential and music, the members will be participating in the planning and production of the project.

The first song to be released through the project is “Like a Flower,” which is a song that looks back on one’s youth in a bittersweet way as it gets further away with the passing of time. The song will perfectly blend Lee Seunghyub’s soft vocals with Yoo Hoe Seung’s emotional vocals to match the song’s melancholy atmosphere.

Ahead of the release, N.Flying has released a sneak peek of the music video for each member. Check them out below!

The group also shared snippets of the lyrics, which say, “So beautiful,” “I want to fall asleep feeling drunk from your scent,” “You’ve changed, and I hate you for it,” “You’re like a flower,” and “Though I can’t have you, though I can’t pick you.”

Other lyrics include “Seeing your wilted petals reminds me of me,” “Another day just slips away from me. Tomorrow will probably be another boring day,” and “Don’t wanna say goodbye.”

N.Flying’s “Like a Flower” will be released on October 26 at 6 p.m. KST.

Are you excited for this new project and song from N.Flying?

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