Update: TWICE Unveils Highlight Medley For “Yes Or Yes”

Updated November 4 KST:

TWICE has revealed a sneak peek of all the songs on their upcoming mini album!

Check out the snippets from “YES or YES”—along with some gorgeous behind-the-scenes footage of the members posing for their album photo shoot—below!

Updated November 3 KST:

TWICE has now released an intro for “YES or YES”!

Take a listen here:

Updated November 2 KST:

TWICE’s third MV teaser for “YES or YES” is now out!

Updated November 1 KST:

TWICE has shared a full preview for their mini album “YES or YES”!

Updated October 31 KST:

TWICE’s next teaser for their upcoming “YES or YES” MV has now been released!

Updated October 30 KST:

As they gear up for their return on November 5 with the mini album “YES or YES,” TWICE has shared some more glimpses of their comeback!

Three posters were shared that will be in versions of “YES or YES,” with Poster C featuring a new image!

The group also shared another set of random photo cards to add to the batch they revealed earlier.

Updated October 29 KST:

TWICE has unveiled an eerie new music video teaser for their upcoming comeback with “YES or YES”!

Check out the new horror-themed teaser clip below:

Updated October 28 KST:

TWICE’s album covers have been revealed for their upcoming album “YES or YES”!

Check them out below:

Updated October 28 KST:

TWICE has revealed another batch of teaser images for their “YES or YES” comeback!

Updated October 27 KST:

TWICE has released a gorgeous group photo for their return with “YES or YES”!

Updated October 26 KST:

More songs have been added to the track list for TWICE’s upcoming album “YES or YES”!

In addition to their title track “YES or YES,” the mini album includes six other songs: “Say You Love Me,” “LALALA,” “Young & Wild,” “Sunset,” “After Moon,” and a Korean version of “BDZ.”

Updated October 26 KST:

TWICE’s next set of teaser photos are now here! They include members Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

Updated October 25 KST:

TWICE has revealed their track list for their upcoming album “YES or YES”!

In addition to their title track “YES or YES,” the mini album includes “LALALA,” “Young & Wild,” and “Sunset.”

Updated October 25 KST:

TWICE’s Mina, Jihyo, and Sana feature in the latest teaser photos for “YES or YES”!

Updated October 24 KST:

Details have been unveiled for TWICE’s new title track “YES or YES”!

The song is composed by David Amber and Andy Love. David Amber previously worked on songs including “Heart Shaker,” NCT Dream’s “La La Love” and “Trigger the Fever,” EXO-CBX’s “Ringa-Ringa-Ring,” Hyoyeon’s “Mystery,” fromis_9’s “Love Bomb,” and more. Andy Love also worked on “Trigger the Fever” and “Ringa-Ringa-Ring” and other tracks like GOT7’s “Bad Behavior,” Red Velvet’s “Cool World,” BIGBANG’s “Dirty Cash,” and UNB’s “Black Heart.”

The lyricist Shim Eun Ji has previously written for TWICE, other JYP artists including 2PM, Wonder Girls, and 15&, Apink, INFINITE, Lovelyz, and more. 

Updated October 24 KST:

TWICE has revealed teasers for members Momo, Jeongyeon, and Nayeon ahead of their comeback with “YES or YES”!

Updated October 23 KST:

TWICE has released their first group photo for their return with “YES or YES”!

Original Article: 

TWICE has shared their first teasers for their comeback, revealing that they’ll be making a comeback with their sixth mini album “YES or YES” on November 5!

October 20 is the group’s third anniversary, and TWICE first celebrated by releasing a video of fun and special moments from their history. The video is titled “Do You Like TWICE?” which is a perfect fit for their mini album “YES or YES.” The end includes a quick teaser of their upcoming release!

TWICE also shared two teaser photos for their return.

This will be TWICE’s third Korean comeback this year, after releasing their hits “What is Love?” in April and “Dance the Night Away” in July.

What kind of concept are you hoping TWICE will take on this time?

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