Ye Ji Won Raves About Co-Stars Shin Hye Sun And Kim Sun Ah

Actress Ye Ji Won talked about her career and co-stars with Bnt International!

In an interview held along with a photo shoot for the outlet, Ye Ji Won shared her thoughts about appearing in the drama “30 but 17.”

“I thought to myself after our first filming, ‘This project is going to do well,'” she said. “Of course, my prediction was totally right. There are so many lines that I find really touching, so even now that our filming is over, I still carry around the script and read it.”

In the drama, Ye Ji Won played Jennifer, a perfectionist housekeeper who seems robotic. She said, “The character’s personality was so strong that there were a lot of times when I felt sorry towards the other actors. It was difficult for me to show them reactions.”

When asked about working with the cast of “30 but 17,” Ye Ji Won commented, “Shin Hye Sun was so great at acting. She performed like she was really a 17 year old, which made it easy for me to be in character.”

In May, Ye Ji Won was named as the Best Supporting Actress in Television by the 2018 Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance in “Should We Kiss First.” She said in her interview with Bnt International, “I just think of it as receiving it on behalf of everyone on our team. It’s thanks to everyone’s perfect teamwork.”

She also shared her affection and admiration for her “Should We Kiss First” co-star Kim Sun Ah, even saying that seeing her character An Soon Jin made her cry. “I was deeply touched by Kim Sun Ah’s acting,” she said. “Her actions, the look in her eyes, and her way of speaking were all perfectly Soon Jin. I learned a lot from Kim Sun Ah. In addition to her great acting skills, she also has an excellent personality.”

Ye Ji Won became well known beginning in 2004 when she appeared in KBS2’s “Old Miss Diary.” When asked if there’s a chance that there will be a second season for all the fans who miss the sitcom, she replied, “I’m still experiencing the positive effects of ‘Old Miss Diary.’ I hope that there will be a season two, and I hope that many people will show their support so that there can be.”

Although Ye Ji Won has been in the industry for 26 years, she said she hasn’t yet experienced a large slump. Known for her way of taking unusual characters and portraying them perfectly in her own unique style, she was asked if it hasn’t been difficult to portray such roles. “The personalities of the characters that I’m given are always so strong, so it’s an assignment I have to solve for each project,” she replied.

On the topic of balancing her career and love life, Ye Ji Won said she’s been focusing on work for a long time and so she feels that she hasn’t yet had a full experience of being in love. However, she said that it’s something she’s become more interested in lately. “Babies are starting to look more and more cute to me,” she said. “Before I reach my 40s, I want to meet a good person and get married.”

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