Oh My Girl Sheds Tears At Concert As They Thank Fans With Emotional Statements

Oh My Girl tearfully thanked fans at their first solo concert in two years.

On October 20, Oh My Girl held their “2018 Fall Fairy Tale” concert at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul. This is their second concert in two years after their 2016 “Summer Fairy Tale” concert.

The girl group performed tracks such as “Secret Garden,” “Closer,” “Love O’Clock,” “Windy Day,” “Curious,” “Echo,” “Sixteen,” “In My Dreams,” “Hello Love,” “Butterfly,” “Agit,” “Knock Knock,” “Real World,” and “Remember Me.”

The members also showcased solo performances: YooA performed Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” Seunghee sang IU’s “Dear Name,” Arin danced to Son Dam Bi’s “Queen” and “Saturday Night,” and Binnie performed Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.”

Crying during the encore stage, Binnie said, “I had something I wanted to say, but I don’t remember it. To say what I’m thinking right now, I look at people’s eyes while singing. All of you who are here came here because you are curious about us and want to get closer with us. I realized that wanting to get to know someone, thinking about them, and loving them is hard. So while looking at your eyes, I was really grateful for all of you for coming all the way here. I thought about how I need to do better.”

She added, “If it wasn’t for all of you, we wouldn’t have been able to do a concert at a place like this. I really thank you.”

Arin said, “I think Miracles grew and the members also grew. I’m having many thoughts after holding a concert after two years. In the past, we were a young baby Oh My Girl, but I’m happy that we can now show you a more grown-up, improved Oh My Girl. I want to show an even better concert to Miracles next time.”

Seunghee stated, “I hope we can promise a next time. We’ll become an Oh My Girl who works even harder. I love you.”

Hyojung commented, “I know that it’s a good thing just to be able to hold a concert like this. I’m so thankful for Miracles who allowed us to have this concert. I want to give you as much as I can. I think I might regret it if it passes by, so I’m going to try my best at every second.”

She continued, “I’m so happy that I can show you a performance that I tried my best at, and that I can do it with my members. I hope Miracles will cheer for us a lot so that Oh My Girl can be on stage for a long, long time.”

YooA burst into tears after holding them back. “I thought about this,” she said. “‘Am I doing a good job? Is the path that I’m walking on the right one? Am I doing a good job?’ I thought about these things. I’m working hard and running forward, so I suddenly thought about this. I’m doing something I really wanted to do, but I wondered if I was doing a good job. I felt pressured, and my chest felt stuffy. But I felt like I was being rewarded while performing today. I didn’t want to cry, but I think you guys gave me love and pushed out my buried feelings. I think I won’t have to think about these kinds of things anymore. Thank you, and I love you.”

Check out more photos from Oh My Girl’s concert below!

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