7 EXO Comeback Moments That Get Us Pumped For “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”

With every comeback from EXO, fans begin to mentally prepare themselves for what is yet to come. What will their hair look like? Will the concept be dark and light? Will the choreography be impossible to learn, as always? With these thoughts racing through our heads, we want to reminisce some of the greatest comeback moments that get us pumped for EXO’s upcoming comeback!

1. The mastery of this tree

EXO-Ls around the world know that this tree was no easy feat. This tree, the choreography, outfits, and songs were all so memorable. It was also a major turning point for EXO as they came back with the legendary “Wolf” and won their first music show award! You can see the tears that were shed here:

2. This “Smashing” Choreography

Their comeback with “Overdose” really got us thinking, “Is it possible to overdose on EXO?” The answer is no, because we can never get enough! This hammer head dance move has been ingrained in the minds of many and is commonly used to depict EXO. Imagine how many times they had to practice to get it just right! Listen to one of the greatest hits of 2014 here:

3. “Call Me Baby” Era

This list would not be complete without talking about the era of perfect hair, stylish outfits for days, and lyrics so sweet to the ear. Check out the music video for one of the catchiest EXO songs to exist:

4. Body roll for days

It’s show stopping moves like this that make EXO so incredible and helps them capture the hearts of fans across the world. Who can forget the undeniably irresistible choreography from “The Eve”? We know we can’t, and that’s why we’re watching this over and over again:

5. EXO in comic form

We can’t forget this amazing cover art that piqued all of our interests. “Power” was such a lighthearted song and the comic book concept was just the cherry on top!

6. Bad boy vibes

There’s no way any EXO-L has forgotten when “Monster” was released. So many iconic moments were captured in this music video. From destroying the dinner table to the dabs, the members really nailed those bad boy vibes.

By the way, this lip piercing was to die for.

7. A 360º music video

Last but not least, we can’t forget this music video that was probably the hardest thing the EXO members ever had to film. It makes us wonder what kind of concept they will pull off this time! Will it be intense camera work? Succinct choreography? Matching suits? The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what they will surprise us with this time!

Which EXO comeback has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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