Jung Woo Sung Responds To Hate He Received After Voicing His Support Of Yemeni Refugees In Jeju Island

Actor Jung Woo Sung spoke up about the hate he received after raising his voice in support of the Yemeni refugees in Jeju island. He also reiterated his views in support of the refugees.

On October 20, Jung Woo Sung appeared on “Kim Uh Joon’s Darth Vader” and talked about the criticism he received after voicing out his opinion on one of the most important issues in South Korea at the moment; the Yemeni refugees in Jeju island.

One of the reactions people had towards Jung Woo Sung’s support for the refugees was, “It’s hypocritical of Jung Woo Sung to want us to accept the refugees when he lives in a nice house and a good neighborhood.” Kim Uh Joon then asked Jung Woo Sung whether or not he was hurt by that kind of attack to which he responded, “No, I’m not.”

He continued on to add, “Am I not allowed to live in a good neighborhood after I’ve lived in a really bad neighborhood for half of my life? I’m a self-made man.” He also seemed unfazed by comments saying that he wasn’t very well educated which he calmly admitted to by saying, “You’re right.”

Jung Woo Sung then stated that what he’s really worried about are fake news and the portion of people who lack understanding of refugees. He said, “Doesn’t it take a lot of time and energy to reverse the beliefs of the day-to-day citizens who lack understanding of refugees and who think that the fake information they see about them are the truth. That’s what I’m worried about.”

Jung Woo Sung revealed at one point his suspicions that the negative comments were influenced by some strategic force. He stated, “It made me think that comments were not a place where you could express your thoughts but rather a place where you move within a given pattern.” He added that he was rather relieved when he found out that there actually was such a thing as manipulation of comments. Along with that, he explained that he was concerned about the increase of the amount of people trying to turn a blind-eye to the refugee situation.

Afterwards, he was asked whether or not he is afraid about revealing his political opinions as a top star and actor. He replied by saying, “I’m not that concerned. I gained many things in life, so I have nothing to lose. What’s wrong with suffering a small loss because of a good deed. You could just throw that away for all I care.”

Jung Woo Sung had also previously expressed his thoughts on refugees last July on CBS’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show.” Back then he had stated, “I can definitely understand the stance of people who speak with a hostility towards refugees. This is not about being with or against accepting refugees, this is about how much we understand the refugees and their difficulties.”

He also stated, “At the moment, I have to simultaneously try to keep a promise I made with the international community and listen to the voices of concern within South Korea, while also trying to dispel and minimize these concerns.” He then emphasized the need for objectivity when examining our point of view of looking at this issue over any kind of other alternative.

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