MONSTA X Reveals Thoughts On Attending iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour

On October 22, the press conference for MONSTA X’s second album “Take.1: Are You There?” took place.

During the conference, the members talked about the group’s recent world tour and the members’ feelings on attending iHeartRadio’s annual Jingle Ball Tour. The Jingle Ball Tour is a famous end-of-the-year concert in the United States where singers perform their this year’s hit songs on stage. MONSTA X is the first K-pop group to be invited to the tour.

Kihyun said, “We found out that we will perform on the tour when our agency’s president sent us a preview video. In the video, there were really famous people performing. When MONSTA X’s name came out, I got chills. I even asked the president directly to check if we’re actually going. We’re still planning out the performance.” Jooheon added, “I want to collaborate with the famous stars who will perform at the Jingle Ball. I’ll ask them whether they want to do a collaboration with us.”

The members moved on to talk about their recent world tour and how it helped them become better K-pop artists. Wonho said, “Previously, we focused on how well people would listen to our music. We focused on how it would sound while being broadcast. But after the tour, we now talk about which music is better to perform. This album has a lot of good songs fit for showing great performances on stage.

Minhyuk revealed, “I didn’t remember anything after I finished performing because I used to be always nervous. After the tour, I got the hang of performing. I now know what kind of gestures or facial expressions bring out the audience’s reaction. I’m confident that we will show better performances as time passes.”

MONSTA X also talked about the members’ worries. Jooheon confessed, “I felt most lonely after we finished a concert, went back to the hotel, and poured hot water for ramen. I think it was because I’d receive all this gigantic energy from the fans and it would just disappear when I got back. I adopted two cats to chase away the loneliness.”

Other members sympathized on I.M.’s comment. “We have in-ear headphones on during the concerts. After the concert ends, I have ringing sounds in my ear even before I get to sleep. The ringing sounds make the loneliness and emptiness greater, but I think it’s just a natural thing that will pass.”

Starting from this studio album, MONSTA X stated that they will actively perform and work domestically. Prior to the comeback, the members appeared on various shows like MBC’s “Real Men 300,” KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor” to promote the upcoming album. Shownu confidently said, “We’ll promote this album well so that we can attend many awards ceremonies at the end of the year.”

The conference ended with each member expressing their determination towards the new album.

Shownu: “We have prepared really well, so we’ll show our fans a lot of good things. Please be fond of us.”

Wonho: “We have prepared well this time too. Starship and MONSTA X did everything they could. We hope you enjoy our album.”

Jooheon: “I think the group and the members look really good. Please catch our performances. We’ve prepared really well, so please look forward to it and support it.”

Kihyun: “From the title track to other tracks in the album, we put in so much effort. Please think well of it. We saw opportunities that we didn’t even dare to dream of during the world tour. We’re trying to make those come true, so please stay tuned.”

I.M.: “It’s been three years since our debut, but I think that we still have a long way to go. We will never stop trying to be better, so please look forward to our future activities.”

Minhyuk: “We heard that our agency’s profit was 10 billion won (approximately $8.8 million). I hope this album allows the agency to earn 100 billion won (approximately $88 million).

I.M. joked, “Let’s make it to be trillion won. (approximately $886 million)”

MONSTA X’s new music video will be released today, on October 22 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the teasers here!

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