The East Light's Agency Announces Termination Of Contracts With Members

All members of The East Light are parting ways with Media Line Entertainment.

On October 22, the agency revealed through an official statement, “After deep consideration, we are announcing that we have decided on terminating the company’s contracts with the remaining four members of The East Light (Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Gang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Jun Wook).”

The statement explains that the agency discussed with the four members and their parents on what the best choice would be, and originally a press conference was planned with the four members in attendance.

The statement continues, “However, we had the concern of the young members receiving additional pain as they stand in the center of the issue through this press conference, and considering the members’ pain and futures as the priority, we reached the conclusion that terminating the four members’ contracts would be the best measure. We are discussing the contract termination process with the four members’ parents.”

Media Line Entertainment adds, “We worry about the members feeling uncertainty for their futures with the termination of the contracts, but we ask for your support so that the young members can no longer be hurt and dream again after healing their pains. In addition, as the controversy continues to grow and is brought to attention continuously, we will not take unnecessarily respond to press in consideration of the potential pain of the six members including the brothers (Lee Seok Chul and Lee Seung Hyun).”

“Also, we will diligently participate in the upcoming legal investigation, and in this process, we will not avoid responsibility and address problems. We sincerely request that the speculative reports without investigation results that can cause pain to the members will no longer be released from this time forth,” the statement concludes.

Previously, Lee Seung Hyun was removed from the group and Lee Seok Cheol announced his decision to leave. The brothers are taking legal action for physical and verbal abuse.

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