MONSTA X Talks Excitedly About New Album And Celebrates Comeback With Fans

MONSTA X is back!

On October 22, the group held a V Live to celebrate their comeback and the release of their second album “Take.1: Are You There?”

MONSTA X began by saying, “Let’s celebrate” and did so with their fans throughout the broadcast. Shownu said, “I always have the same feelings of nervousness and excitement before promotions. We worked hard to prepare for our second album, so I hope we can promote well with Monbebes.”

Jooheon talked about how much work the group had put into their new release, and Kihyun added, “After our world tour, we hadn’t released an album for a while, so we quickly prepared to make a comeback. We prepared an album where you won’t feel the rushed feelings, so let’s enjoy together.”

Wonho said, “This time, it’s a full album. It was like this for ‘Beautiful,’ but we wanted to [quickly] show it to you. We already filmed the MV, but the days wouldn’t pass by quickly. Today is finally here. I hope many of you will watch it and let’s enjoy this joyful time.”

“Even before we start promotions, I feel excited and happy,” said Minhyuk. “I wanted to quickly start it. I was excited at the start of other promotions as well, but I feel like we can have fun together during these promotions. We recently made the fan chants in a way that we can have fun together. I hope you’ll enjoy it while cheering.”

I.M commented, “Our second full album came out after ‘Beautiful.’ It feels different. I feel like we’re coming back after a long time of making improvements.”

Hyungwon added, “Previously, we participated a lot in the performance or concept aspects. But this time we paid attention to a lot of things to prepare for it, so I have high expectations. The members’ faces and physical appearances are at an all-time high. We’re currently at a stage where we prepared a lot appearance-wise and vocally. I hope that is reflected well in this album.”

MONSTA X’s second album “Take.1: Are You There?” is a story of MONSTA X’s world that transcends time and space, and is described as “Light and darkness, good and evil, and everything in between.” The group will showcase their stronger teamwork, softness, and maturity, as well as intense strength.

Their title track “Shoot Out” talks about seeking salvation and being between loss and rebellion. It combines trap, rock, and future base with a memorable hook and melody.

About the new album, Minhyuk said, “It’s been about five hours since the album was released and I took a peek at the reactions. I don’t know all of it, but I think [the reactions] are hot. I also asked an agency employee and they said [the reactions] are hot.”

During the V Live, MONSTA X performed one of their newest tracks “Myself” live for the first time. Afterward, they said, “We got really into it.”

The members also introduced the new album to their fans and shared stories behind each track. “The album has a personality and color, so we recommend listening to the album starting with the intro,” said MONSTA X.

After they reached 300 million hearts, they fulfilled fans’ requests such as a close-up shot of Jooheon and a handwritten letter.

MONSTA X released their second full album “Take.1: Are You There?” and MV for title track “Shoot Out” on October 22.

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