Minhyuk Shares Memorable Stories From MONSTA X's World Tours

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk shared meaningful stories that happened during their world tours.

In an interview to celebrate the release of MONSTA X’s new album, the idol said, “When I register for entry to America these days, I’m very proud to say I’m a K-pop idol. I can’t speak English, so I tell [the workers] ‘Search YouTube’ [and] ‘Search MONSTA X’. It is difficult because passing through immigration takes a long time, but they ask many interesting questions.”

Minhyuk said, “I was walking when an elderly woman asked, ‘Are you Korean?’ She said, ‘Do you know MONSTA X?’ She said her daughter had a concert tomorrow but she was determined to go to MONSTA X’s concert. I showed her a video to prove that I was in MONSTA X, and she asked if I could do a video call with her daughter. I asked her to choose between a picture or a video, so she chose a video, and when I did a video call with her daughter, she cried. After the call, [the woman] thanked me. The fact that [people] say K-pop idols are amazing when we go from country to country makes me naturally have patriotism.”

Then Kihyun added, “I met my nieces when I went to America. They said they were our fans, but they didn’t know their uncles were MONSTA X. I didn’t know I was such an amazing person.”

MONSTA X recently released their newest album “Take.1: Are You There?” as well as the music video for their title track “Shoot Out.”

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