Update: BTS’s Jimin, Jin, And J-Hope Feature In 2018 MAMA’s #LikeMAMA Campaign Videos

Updated October 25 KST:

More videos for the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ campaign featuring BTS were released!

On October 25, MAMA released videos of Jimin, Jin, and J-Hope talking about “challenges.”

For Jimin’s interview, he says, “When we won the Artist of the Year award, I was happy because the award felt like proof that all the things that I’ve done in the past that allowed me to be here were meaningful. I cried a lot on stage, and I cried a lot when I went backstage. I cried a lot because I didn’t know what else to do or think about. I could feel that something really big happened in my life, and I was happy. I want to tell my fans and members that their pride is my pride.”

In Jin’s video, he says, “10 years ago, I was just amazed to see singers performing on stage. I wondered how they would feel and guessed that it must feel very good. I’d close my eyes and dream of singing in front of a big crowd. I think that was the start of my dream. I still wonder if everything is real and I’m not living in a dream. We’ve heard so many curses and ridicules before, so now I’m finally able to wash away the sorrow and enjoy this happiness with ARMY.”

J-Hope’s states in his interview, “To be honest, I think we were lucky too. But one thing is for sure, ‘Your effort does not betray you.’ I think our recent collaboration made me realize that I’ve come very far from my trainee days. Nicki Minaj is an artist that I’ve heard of since trainee days. I want to do more collaborations if we have the chance. My mission is to maintain our current status. So far we’re achieving most of the goals as we set them. Since it’s very hard to always be thankful and respectful towards success, my goal is to keep our current place.”

Watch more of Jimin, Jin, and J-Hope’s interview below!

Updated October 24 KST:

More videos for the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ campaign featuring BTS have been released!

On October 24, MAMA uploaded videos of BTS’s RM and Jungkook discussing the topic of “challenges.”

In RM’s clip, he remarked, “[BTS’s] dream was to become a team that people recognized on the [music] charts. I don’t think we were a team that was that ambitious, to be honest. We took each little thing step-by-step and asked ourselves if we could really achieve it. We tried to find challenges that we could take.” Talking about his own challenges, RM then went on to say, “I want to be a good influence on people and tell stories that the world needs through great music. I think that’s our assignment from now on — our challenge.”

Jungkook stated, “To me, a challenge is performing on bigger stages and in front of a bigger audience, or being on the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’ Those are all challenges, of course, but adjusting my everything to BTS’s name is a challenge.” He then spoke about challenges that are never easy, and answered, “I’m in this position, but what happens if I’m not able to fulfill [my duties]? That burden was pretty great. To be greater, since that’s my challenge.”

Watch the videos below!

Original Article:

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter MAMA) is preparing a special campaign for this year’s awards ceremony!

On October 23, the awards show released two clips of BTS’ Suga and V talking about “challenges.” They talked about their first thoughts towards “challenges,” their feelings on exceeding their own goals, and what challenges they’re willing to take on in the future.

In Suga’s video, he stated, “When something unbelievable comes true, I’m happy, but my feelings of fear are greater than my feelings of pleasure.” He continued, “Carrying a sense of duty, I want to try everything I can, like the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ and the Grammys.” He concluded, “MAMA is amazing. It’s a challenge.”

For V’s interview, he recalled when he was able to first stand on a MAMA stage. He stated, “I think I remember feeling very pressured and nervous.” Talking about the biggest challenges in his life, V remarked, “Even if it’s the same song, making our performances different, new, or more fun is the greatest challenge. It’s an assignment I need to do.”

In addition to Suga and V, RM and Jungkook’s videos will be released on October 24, while Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin’s special clips will be uploaded on October 25.

MAMA will begin releasing videos of other artists who have shared special moments in the K-pop world with the awards show as well. Along with the keyword “challenge,” “passion” and “dream” will also be used as the theme for these artists’ interviews.

MAMA will also be holding a “#LikeMAMA” hashtag event for global fans who have supported MAMA during its 10-year run, where they will be able to attend the 2018 MAMA as one of the audience members. Each week, MAMA will choose one fan who pens a handwritten letter about their challenges and dreams and uploads it using the hashtag “#LikeMAMA.” From the six fans, one “MAMA Challenger” will be decided through votes and sponsored with a ticket and expenses for the 2018 MAMA.

Check out the videos below!

The 2018 MAMA will kick off in Korea on December 10 and then continue to Japan at Saitama Super Arena on December 12. The finale on December 14 will once again be held in Hong Kong at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena. The awards show previously shared more details about the concept for this year’s ceremonies.

Voting for 2018 MAMA will begin on November 1 at 6 p.m. KST and close on December 9 at midnight.

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