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On the October 23 broadcast of JTBC’s “Idol Room,” MONSTA X played games to determine the member with the best lips, the best acting skills, and the strongest body.

MONSTA X, who recently released a lip line in collaboration with a cosmetic brand, competed with each other for the title of best lips.

The members were each given fruit snack tape candy to see who could eat it fastest without using their hands, and competed two or three members at a time.

In the end, I.M took the prize with an impressive record of 17 seconds.

Watch MONSTA X play the game below (starting at 5:10):

The MONSTA X members then tried their hands at acting. Kihyun, who has said before that he was “born to act,” said, “I don’t really dream of being an actor, but if I have to, I do my best.” The best acting he can do, he said, is an imitation of Wonho “pretending to be fatally attractive.”

Kihyun explained, “During our previous promotions with ‘Jealousy,’ our ending pose is [with our wrist by our nose]. I saw Wonho do it, and he was [like this]”:

To determine the best actor of the group, the members reenacted romantic scenes from “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” between Cha Eun Woo and Im Soo Hyang.

The member who was chosen to play Cha Eun Woo’s role chose the member who would play Im Soo Hyang’s role in the scene with him. Jooheon and Shownu did a scene together, followed by Minhyuk and Hyungwon, and then Wonho and Kihyun.

After watching everyone’s performances, judge Jung Hyung Don determined that the members should all focus on MONSTA X activities for the time being.

The final game was one between Shownu and Wonho, known for their athleticism and strength, to see who is the strongest member.

Before beginning, Shownu said, “Honestly, Wonho’s body is so much better. I don’t have that great of a body. It’s good. It’s better than the other members. But not compared to Wonho.”

The MCs proceeded to measure the circumference of Shownu’s and Wonho’s biceps.

Shownu’s arm was 13 inches around, while Wonho’s was 16 inches. Minhyuk said, “It’s gotten a lot smaller because of the comeback.”

The strength competition was in two parts. For the first game, Shownu and Wonho had to lift a member and turn three times, going down the line until they had turned three times with each member. The one who completed the task the fastest would be the winner.

Shownu went first, finishing in 50.91 seconds. Wonho followed, finishing the game in 38.44 seconds, taking victory for the first round.

In round two, the MONSTA X members were “princesses” in sleeping bags, whom Shownu and Wonho had to move to their respective sides. The side with the most princesses at the end would be declared the winner. When Wonho got three members on his side, the princesses started trying to escape to help Shownu. Eventually, however, Wonho stole princess Hyungwon from Shownu’s side and won the game.

After Wonho won, Shownu said, “After I moved Jooheon, it was all over for me.”

Watch the strength competition below (starting at 4:40)!

The group, who recently made their comeback with “Shoot Out,” introduced the track with Idol Room’s signature Nano Dance challenge:

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