Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas From Unforgettable K-Pop MVs

Halloween is one of those most-awaited events because it’s the only time you can really be experimental and creative through costumes. But if you’ve been too busy or you’re still clueless about what to wear, don’t worry because there’s a wealth of inspiration from old and new K-pop videos that will surely make you stand out in a night of fright! Here are some ideas:

Witches and otherworldly creatures

Spooky themes are always in order for Halloween, and you can either go for a downright scary look as a witch/wizard or mysterious as otherworldly creatures like fairies or nymphs.

DreamCatcher – “Chase me”

This works best if you go with your squad and make a group of witches that cast spells!

VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

Obviously, you’ll need a voodoo doll and some kind of pointy item as a prop. You can also be the voodoo doll yourself! You’ll just need a whole lot of yarn!

IU and Sandara Park as nymphs

IU’s and Dara’s magical long hairstyles are perfect if you’re thinking of dressing up as a nymph or a fairy. Featuring in Yoon Hyun Sang’s “When would it be,” IU is a captivating forest nymph, while Dara is a lonely creature at an abandoned castle in 2NE1’s “It Hurts” MV.

Alluring vampires

Who can resist the hauntingly beautiful looks of vampires, especially if they look like these K-pop idols? The undead has never looked this good.

Boyfriend – “Witch”

Sunmi – “Full Moon”

TWICE’s Tzuyu- “TT”

Devilish charm

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon – “Monster”

G-Dragon is on fire (literally) in the video “Monster,” and he has that commanding and fierce presence as the leader of the underworld.

Fairy tales come to life

Unknown to many, several K-pop music videos make direct or subtle references to fairy tales or classic novels to portray a story that gives a whole new meaning to their song.

Oh My Girl – “Closer”

 APRIL – “Tinkerbell”

LOONA – “Heart Attack”

One interpretation of LOONA’s “Heart Attack” is that the music video portrays the “Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Sunmi – “Siren”

Sunmi embodied the modern-day Little Mermaid for her latest music video, “Siren.”

Military march

There’s no shortage of military or navy-inspired concepts in K-pop, and again, this works best if you go with a group for maximum effect.

Girls’ Generation – “Genie/ Tell me your wish”

SHINee – “Everybody”

T-ara – “So Crazy”

Back to school 

This is quite the easiest concept because you can just scour your closet for your old school uniforms or you can mix and match your existing outfits. You can either go as a preppy student or a popular jock/cheerleader.

GFRIEND – “Rough”

AOA – “Heart Attack”

EXO – “Growl”

Roaring Retro 

Go back in time and reminisce the crazy fashion in bygone eras like the ’50s, ’70s, or ’80s. You’ll need a lot of colorful outfits and vintage accessories to pull off this look! Another alternative is to check out your mom or dad’s closet if they still keep clothing items that were “in” during their time!

IU – “A Flower Bookmark” album

Heize – “Jenga”

MAMAMOO – “Mr. Ambiguous” and “AHH OOP!”

Girls’ Generation – “Lion Heart”

Modern day prince and princess

You don’t have to go literal in your outfits. Choose a concept or character, be creative, and interpret it the best way you know how!

Super Junior – “Lo Siento”


Which K-pop star do you want to dress as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below! 

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