10 Signs You Are Going Through Post Concert Blues

If you have been lucky enough to attend your favorite K-pop idols’ concert, you know the drill: the days (or weeks) after the concert are a true emotional rollercoaster. One moment you are over the moon because you’ve just seen your favorites live, and the next minute your eyes get teary looking at pictures of the concert because you are just missing the feeling and euphoria you had during the show. Don’t worry, you are not alone with this “post concert blues”!

There are a lot of ways this phenomenon appears in our lives, and not everyone is going through all the same phases. But one thing is for sure: feeling sad that the concert is over and being unable to immediately go back to relive those hours is completely relatable! Let’s just see some of the most common forms:

Did it really happen?

It’s so tempting to fall into denial and question whether the whole experience really happened in the first place. Looking back at the concert, everything starts to get blurry and surreal, and you wonder if it was just your mind playing with you or if you just woke up from a very detailed and long dream. We all know it’s sometimes hard to accept, but it HAPPENED. It’s all true, and these memories will forever stay with you!

Will I forget everything?

The panic really starts to kick in when you try to remember every single detail and realize that there are some moments you just can’t seem to recall. It’s even more annoying to watch videos and pictures of the concert and realize you missed out on so much. You just want to treasure every moment of the best two hours of your life, but don’t worry: the most important moments won’t ever leave your mind and heart.

This is our constant mood:

How do I explain this?

Your friends and family obviously knew about you attending the concert (well, maybe not the amount of money you spent on your favorites… but everyone needs secrets), so they are ready to listen to your experience and impressions after you come home. But it’s getting incredibly difficult to put into words what you’ve just been through, and it’s even harder to talk about your feelings. Don’t beat yourself up over this too much; it’s okay to give yourself time and talk about the concert later!

When they ask you how the concert was:

When will I see them again?

So it all might start as a “once in a lifetime” thing, but the moment you leave the venue, you are ready to buy the tickets for the next concert of the tour. The sad reality of not having enough money to just do that is heartbreaking, but the plan is ready: you just need to save enough to get tickets for the next tour as well!

Calculating how much money you need to save every month:

Where my money?

Okay, so this whole “let’s save money for the next tour” plan sounded brilliant until you opened your browser and realized just how many albums and merchandise you can buy online. Suddenly purchasing the group’s whole discography sounds like the best idea ever, and who knew you need a whole plush blanket with your bias’s face on it.

When you take a look at your bank account:

How to listen to any other artist?

Their music is addicting, and one of the easiest ways to remember the concert is to go through the concert playlist again. And again. And again. Suddenly it feels like they are the only K-pop artists in the world, and listening to any other band or group is just…not the same. Your neighbors and parents are probably done with you blasting the same freaking song for the 27th time that day, but they just need to be a tiny bit more patient; your severe addiction will cool down after a while.

Listening to the same three songs for two days in a row be like:

Why does everything remind me of them?

It’s not just the stuff most people connect them with, but literally the smallest things can bring “war flashbacks.” Not to be dramatic, but even certain colors, smells, words, or expressions can remind you of something that happened before, during, or after the concert, and the tears are starting to fall without you even noticing. How can you miss someone you don’t even really know that much? That’s the question we all ask ourselves at one point.

Looking at any object that’s the same color as your fav’s fandom color:

What is a bias list anyway?

A lot of things can happen at a concert, and one of the most exciting parts is someone unexpected from the group wrecking your bias list harder than ever. Instead of helping you fix your bias list, seeing your favorites live will most likely just make you an even bigger fan of every single member (if that’s possible). It’s time for you to realize that this is actually the best outcome after all!

Our feelings towards every member:

How do I find motivation in everyday life?

Getting back to your everyday life is the most painful phase of your post concert sadness. Everything seems completely boring and dull, and you just spend most of your time daydreaming and thinking about the show. The most worrisome part is you procrastinating on your school and work assignments, not because you don’t have the time, but because you just… don’t feel like doing it. Which leads to you feeling guilty and sad at the same time, the worst combination ever.

Just let me live and do nothing!

Will things ever be the same?

Sometimes it feels like the sadness and melancholy will never go away, but time will hopefully heal everything. And the most magical part of the healing process is that it’s usually your favorite groups that will take you out of your misery: they just can’t seem to take a break, and they will be back with a new album in no time! Supporting them and enjoying their music will eventually help you forget your initial sad thoughts, and you will cherish the memories of the concert as one of the greatest moments of your life!

Soompiers! Have you ever been through post concert blues? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

fanniberger did not write this article about her own post BTS concert blues (she totally did). She believes RM’s mono is the perfect distraction. It’s just hard to get over how much she actually spent on the boys in the last few weeks. Say hi to her on Twitter and Instagram!

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