7 Lee Je Hoon Moments That Made Our Hearts Flutter In Episodes 13-18 Of “Where Stars Land”

The romance has intensified in this past week’s episodes of “Where Stars Land.” Lee Je Hoon has only proven what a hopeless romantic he can be, and it’s basically the main reason why we’re watching the series. Here’s a look at seven Lee Je Hoon moments that made our hearts skip a beat in this past week’s (and last week’s) episodes of “Where Stars Land”!

1. When Lee Soo Yeon makes Han Yeo Reum dinner AND breakfast

Honestly, this is total #boyfriendgoals.

2. When Han Yeo Reum is flustered but Lee Soo Yeon is concerned about whether or not she ate breakfast

Sure, it seems like a simple question, but the intensity and emotion in which he delivers the line is worth noting. Lee Je Hoon’s character is proving to be a unique one in that even the simplest of lines is delivered with a gaze that’s innocent but passionate. It even catches Han Yeo Reum off guard.

3. When Lee Soo Yeon sticks up for Han Yeo Reum

You can feel Lee Soo Yeon’s blood boiling when his boss starts to put Han Yeo Reum down. It’s bad enough that he’s announcing the rumor of them dating to the whole department, but he makes things worse by making her look cheap.

Having understood what it’s like to have people look at you differently and treat you differently is what makes Soo Yeon sympathize with Yeo Reum. He can’t bear for her to be treated badly so he sticks up for her. Romantic, right?!

4. That kiss.

This was unexpected, but I’m so glad it happened. It sucks when we don’t get a kiss until later on in the series. When they are interrupted, I thought it wouldn’t happen but then Lee Je Hoon surprises us with a quick kiss!

5. “Let’s just love.”

This is such a straightforward and heart-stopping sentence. How much more romantic can he get? What could otherwise be some really cheesy lines somehow sound so smooth when they come from Lee Je Hoon!

6. … which leads to this romantic kiss

Enough said.

7. When he risks his life to go on a date with Yeo Reum

Soo Yeon knows that he’s putting his life at risk by wearing the robot arm and leg, but he can’t help himself. He wants to be with Yeo Reum and is willing to put his life on the line to spend even a few hours with her!

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