Update: Super Junior Explores Japan Together In New

Updated November 1 KST:

Super Junior has shared another teaser for “SJ Returns 2”!

In the preview of the upcoming season of their variety show, the guys go on travels together in Japan as small groups, with Kim Heechul, Leeteuk, and Shindong walking around together, and also Ryeowook, Choi Siwon, and Shindong going on an adventure.

Watch it below with English subtitles!

Updated October 31 KST:

Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Shindong, and Choi Siwon are thoroughly enjoying every bite of a meal together in the latest teaser for “SJ Returns 2”!

Updated October 30 KST:

Members Shindong, Leeteuk, and Kim Heechul are the next to be featured in a teaser for Super Junior’s variety show “SJ Returns 2”!

They are in the car when they decide to have a rhyme battle, where they have to end their freestyle raps with the word ending with a common syllable.

Kim Heechul sets the stage, and decides to make the common syllable “teu,” when he ends his rap with “agit,” or secret hideout.

Thinking on his feet, Leeteuk yells excitedly, and chooses to end with “Leeteu—.” When his fellow members complain that he’s forcing it to work, Leeteuk insists that it still fits the rule.

Check out the clip below with English subtitles!

Original Article:

Super Junior’s D&E have introduced themselves for the first teaser of Super Junior’s returning variety show “SJ Returns 2.”

The duo get interviewed for the first teaser of “SJ Returns 2.” Before their interview, Eunhyuk affectionately helps Donghae readjust his mic. The producing director (PD) then asks them to officially introduce themselves. When they use their trademark group greeting, “We are Super Junior!” the PD asks if they have a separate greeting for their unit promotions. Eunhyuk said they didn’t and explained, “It’s because for whatever unit we do, we won’t forget the thought that we are Super Junior.”

They are then asked what their respective roles are in Super Junior D&E. Donghae replies, “Visuals, music, and hair length,” while Eunhyuk cheekily answers, “Teeth.” The PD asks them who the main vocal is, and Eunhyuk asks, “Wouldn’t the main vocal be Yesung?”

The PD comments, “Obviously it must be Donghae,” to which Eunhyuk jokingly gets angry and remarks, “Why would you think it’s obviously him?” Donghae laughs and says, “He’ll do well soon.” Eunhyuk adds, “On my parts, I’m the main [vocal] and in his parts, he’s the main [vocal]. We sing as main [vocals] separately.” When asked how evenly their parts are divided, Donghae says they’re divided evenly in half, but Eunhyuk answers, “He has a bit more. If we have to define it, Donghae is in charge of vocals while I’m in charge of rap and performance.”

The two explain that they are on their tour in Japan as Super Junior D&E, as part of their unit promotions. Eunhyuk jokes, “It feels like ‘Entertainment Weekly’ here.”

“SJ Returns 2” will air its first episode on November 5.

Check out the teaser below!

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