BoA Talks About Her Debut Days And Being Mistaken For Much Older Than She Is

BoA, who recently made a long-awaited comeback with “Woman,” visited MBC’s “Section TV” for an interview.

Recalling her debut days when she was just 13 (by international reckoning), BoA said, “I joined my agency, and they had already planned for a Japanese debut. I thought I would just have to sing and dance, but they made me learn Japanese.”

The veteran artist said she wasn’t expecting to promote in Japan for long, and that she had returned to Korea to study for her college entrance exam. But she suddenly got a call saying that she was topping the charts in Japan. “I couldn’t go back, so the Japanese broadcasting stations came to Korea to film my performances. It was a really weird feeling.”

Because BoA debuted at such an early age, people mistake her for being much older than she is. The singer, who will be turning 32 in about a week, said, “Other artists will be so formal to me. When I tell people my age, the thing I hear the most often is surprise that I’m younger than they thought. It might be because I seemed cold when I was a judge on audition programs.”

When the interviewer said she could try doing something cute, BoA protested, “But I am cute. Am I not? Guys, I’m cute. I’m not scary.”

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