10 Dancers Revealed For Mnet’s Dancing Romance Show “Somebody”

Mnet’s upcoming dancing romance program, “Somebody” revealed all the dancers who will participate in the reality show.

On October 30, Mnet posted the photos of 10 dancers on the show’s Instagram account. “Somebody” is a reality show that will observe the romance between dancers. The show will focus on the journey of male and female dancers filming a couple music video with the person that they’re attracted to. It is a unique dance program that doesn’t focus on survival or competition.

Check out the 10 dancers below.

Male Dancers:

1. Na Dae Han

He is a ballerino from Canada’s National Ballet Company

2. Lee Eui Jin

He is a dancer from the poppin dance crew DA’ONEZ, who is also a member of BIGFLO and UNB.

3. Han Sun Chun

He majors in modern dance, and gained popularity after appearing on “Dancing 9.”

4. Oh Hong Hak

He is a dancer in the pop musical, “Notre-Dame De Paris.”

5. Kim Seung Hyuk

He is a b-boy from the b-boy crew Fusion MC.

Female Dancers:

1. Seo Jae Won

She was the winner of 2017 Miss Korea, and a dancer majoring in Korean dance in Korea National University of Arts.

2. Lee Su Jeong

She is a dancer who performs in both Korea and China.

3. Lee Joori

She is a ballerina from the Korean National Ballet Company.

4. Jung Yeon Soo

She is a street dancer known for her trendy style and energetic dance moves.

5. Maeng Iseul

She is a modern dancer known for her unique style and individuality.

“Somebody” will premiere after the finale of “Show Me the Money 777.” It will air on November 23, 11 p.m. KST. Stay tuned for more updates!

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