EXO’s D.O., Nam Ji Hyun, And More Say Goodbye To “100 Days My Prince”

With tvN’s “100 Days My Prince” having come to an end, the cast and crew left viewers with some final thoughts.

EXO’s D.O. was highly praised for his nuanced portrayal of Prince Lee Yool/Won Deuk. Saying goodbye to his character, D.O. said, “Thank you to everyone for their passionate love. I’m so happy because the viewer response was much better than I thought, and for being able to see the drama through to a successful end. I’ll work even harder to improve for next time.”

Nam Ji Hyun, who played Yoon Yi Seo/Hong Shim, said, “Thanks to the director and staff, who worked so hard to make a great drama, the writer, who created an exciting story, and all of the actors, who did their best in their respective roles, this drama was able to receive the love that it did. Though the drama is ending, I hope it will stay in viewers’ hearts for a long time.”

Jo Sung Ha, the villain of the drama, said he can’t believe the drama is already coming to a close. “Filming in traditional Korean clothes in the hotter-than-usual summer was hard. With a bowed head, I sincerely thank all of the actors and staff, who worked through the heat, as well as the viewers, who sent us a lot of love and support.”

Actor Jo Han Chul, who played the king, thanked viewers for the incredible response to the drama, and said he hopes to meet the people he worked with for the drama again in the future.

Kim Seon Ho thanked viewers and said leaving his character Jae Yoon after five months is bittersweet, but that he hopes Won Deuk, Hong Shim, and Jae Yoon are all happy.

Actress Han So Hee said she already misses the drama, and added, “Thanks to all the fans of the drama, who loved and were able to relate to So Hye.”

Kim Jae Young said, “‘100 Days My Prince’ was my first sageuk drama, and I played a character that doesn’t outwardly express many emotions. The dialogue, costumes, and action were all a first for me and a little awkward, but thanks to a lot of help from the director and actors, I was able to make it through to the end of filming.”

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