Korean Stars Whose Age Makes It Easy To Forget They Are Already Industry Veterans Of 10+ Years

Every day, there are new rookies making their debuts.

Amidst the ever-changing industry, there are many celebrities who have been maintaining their popularity for over a decade.

Continue reading about these seasoned veteran celebrities who may be relatively young, but have already surpassed their 10th debut anniversary.

1. IU

IU debuted when she was 16 years old (by Korean reckoning) in 2008. This year is her 10th debut anniversary, but she still maintains her adorable appearance.She also has the same bright personality, but her music has become more mature.

Since appearing in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” in 2011, IU has also promoted as an actress and is a multi-talented entertainer.

2. Yeo Jin Goo

In 2005, Yeo Jin Goo debuted through the film “Sad Movie” as a child actor at the age of nine (by Korean reckoning).

Yeo Jin Goo, who received a lot of love for his expressive eyes and pure smile, has now been promoting for 13 years. After working as a child actor in works like SBS’s “Giant,” MBC’s “Moon Embracing the Sun,” and “I Miss You,” he appeared as the male lead in the film “Hwayi: A Monster Boy.”

Check out Yeo Jin Goo in his latest drama “Into the World Again” below!

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3. Kim Hyang Gi

Actress Kim Hyang Gi rose to stardom after appearing in the blockbuster film “Along With the Gods.” She first appeared on TV in 2003 for an ad when she was just three years old [by Korean reckoning].

She then officially debuted as an actress through the film “Hearty Paws” in 2007 and stole viewers’ hearts with her lovely appearance and smile. Kim Hyang Gi will next appear as a lead in the film “Yeongju” (literal title), which will premiere on November 22.

Watch Kim Hyang Gi in her latest drama “Revenge Note 1” now!

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4. SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin debuted as the youngest member of SHINee in 2008. At the time, his bowl cut and cuteness won over many fans.

The singer is only 26 years old (by Korean reckoning) and recently celebrated his 10th debut anniversary along with the rest of the SHINee members. His amazing dance moves and sexiness are bound to captivate fans for many more years to come.

5. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung will be returning to TV screens in November as the lead of the JTBC drama “Clean with Passion For Now.”

She debuted in 2003 at the age of five (by Korean reckoning) through an ad, then appeared as a child actress for the leads of works like SBS’s “Iljimae,” MBC’s “Dong Yi,” and MBC’s “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Kim Yoo Jung is now 20 years old (by Korean reckoning) and working as an adult in the industry. Despite it being her 15th year of promotions, her big eyes, lovely smile, and beautiful appearance remain the same.

Check out Kim Yoo Jung in the “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” below:

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6. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho looks young enough to be called a rookie, but it has already been 18 years since he has debuted.

The actor debuted through MBC’s “Stickleback” (literal title) and became famous after the film “The Way Home.” Since then, he’s become an adult and will celebrate his 20th debut anniversary in 2020.

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7. Nam Ji Hyun

Nam Ji Hyun is well-known for her roles in popular romantic comedies and is currently in her 14th year of working as an actress.

She still maintains a youthful look and is loved for her bright smile and beautiful eyes. After working as a child actress on KBS 2TV’s “What Happens to My Family?” she transformed into the female lead of dramas like MBC’s “Shopping King Louie,” SBS’s “Suspicious Partner,” and most recently, tvN’s “100 Days My Prince.”

Check out Nam Ji Hyun in the first episode of “Suspicious Partner” below:

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8. FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki

Lee Hong Ki first debut in the industry was in 2000 as an actor in KBS 2TV’s “Magic Kid Masuri.” He then made his singing debut as the vocalist of band FTISLAND in 2007.

It has already been 11 years since FTISLAND’s hit song “Love Sick” was released. Even 18 years after his debut, Lee Hong Ki is only 29 years old (by Korean reckoning) and still maintains a youthful look.

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9. BoA

BoA was just 13 years old (by Korean reckoning) when she debuted in 2000 with the album “ID: Peace B.” Despite her young age, she blew the public away with her singing and dancing skills, and gained success in not only Korea but also abroad.

She continued to branch out in all areas of the industry. BoA appeared as a judge on SBS’s “K-Pop Star 2” and also as an actress in KBS 2TV’s “Hope for Dating” and film “Make Your Move.”

The artist has used her vast experience to help other singers. She was also the MC or “nation’s representative” of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” where she gave advice to idol contestants, and is also currently a non-executive director of SM Entertainment.

BoA is currently in her 19th year of promotions and will celebrate her 20th debut anniversary next year.

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