Park Shi Hoo Confirmed For Upcoming Mystery Romance Drama

Park Shi Hoo is confirmed as the lead for TV Chosun’s upcoming drama, “Babel” (working title).

The drama “Babel” will tell the romance between a prosecutor who gives up everything for revenge and an actress whose life gets destroyed after marriage. It will also focus on the ugly truth behind a murder case and fights for power within a conglomerate’s family.

Park Shi Hoo will play the prosecutor, Cha Woo Hyuk. Although he gives up everything for his revenge, he falls in love with actress Han Jung Won, who is already married to someone else. He faces her as the prosecutor for her husband’s murder case, and she faces him as the main suspect. Cha Woo Hyuk has the cruel destiny of having to choose between revenge and love.

He stated, “An ambitious prosecutor who dreams of revenge seemed like an attractive character. I will try to perfectly portray the character relentlessly striving towards his goal and also being in pain because of love.”

“Babel” will be TV Chosun’s first drama of 2019. Sources from TV Chosun stated, “We will fulfill the desires of drama lovers to see a well-made drama through ‘Babel,’ with the knowledge and experience we gained through creating ‘Grand Prince.‘” It will be directed by PD Yoon Sung Shik, who directed “Hwarang” and “You Are The Best.”

The drama is slated to air on January 2019. You can check out Park Shi Hoo’s latest drama, “Lovely Horribly” on Viki below!

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