Watch: IZ*ONE Tackles “Weekly Idol” Dance Challenges + Battles For Title Of Visual, Dance, And Aegyo Queen

“Produce 48” girl group IZ*ONE followed up their “Idol Room” visit on October 30 with one to MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” on October 31.

The group is now the fastest to ever appear on the show, having officially debuted just three days ago.

During the show, IZ*ONE were asked to fulfill a variety of wishes from their fans. The first was the double speed dance challenge, which the group did with their debut song “La Vie en Rose.”

When asked if they had ever practiced the song at double speed, IZ*ONE said they hadn’t. However, with a couple of screams thrown into the mix, the group pulled off the dance like pros.

Next up was Idol Room’s roller coaster dance with IZ*ONE’s “Pick Me,” in which the group must dance to their song at a variety of speeds. The MCs enticed the group, saying that they have special limited edition prizes for them, something they’ve never given to any other guests before.

So it was even more of a hit when Kim Shin Young, a seasoned spectator of the roller coaster dance challenge, caught a member in a mistake. IZ*ONE was granted a second chance, but Kim Shin Young called them out again.

Kim Shin Young said, “[You didn’t succeed], but because you danced three, four times for the nation’s producers, we’ll still give you the limited edition ‘Weekly Idol’ gifts,” presenting the group with customized mugs so that their cups don’t get mixed up as they’re living together.

The next task was for the group to choose the visual queen of the group. First, IZ*ONE voted for the member they think is the prettiest. Miyawaki Sakura and Kang Hye Won both received two votes, while Kim Min Joo received eight.

After seeing the three members each act out a commercial, IZ*ONE voted again, awarding Miyawaki Sakura with the title of visual queen!

In a similar fashion, the group voted for the dance queen of the group. All of the IZ*ONE members voted for either Lee Chae Yeon (9 votes) or Kwon Eun Bi (3 votes).

To settle the score, “Weekly Idol” put on a “random play” dance for the members, who battled it out to various girl group hits.

After the battle, IZ*ONE voted, choosing Lee Chae Yeon as the dance queen of the group!

The final queen to be chosen was the aegyo queen. In the initial vote, IZ*ONE chose Jang Won Young (7 votes), Yabuki Nako (3 votes), and Kim Chae Won and Jo Yu Ri (each 1 vote).

After seeing Jang Won Young and Yabuki Nako’s battle with an aegyo song, IZ*ONE voted for Jang Won Young as the queen of aegyo.

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