IZ*ONE Learns More About Honda Hitomi During A Warm Visit To Her Family

IZ*ONE visited Honda Hitomi’s home in Japan!

During the November 1 episode of IZ*ONE’s reality show “IZ*ONE CHU,” the members personally went to give their well-wishes to her family.

The girls first greeted them and her mother thanked them for coming all the way to Tochigi Prefecture to visit them. The members then gave them gift sets they bought in Korea. Kwon Eun Bi, Kim Chae Yeon, and Kim Min Ju had gone shopping in the neighborhood of Insa to personally pick out traditional souvenirs. They had even gotten a Korean traditional outfit for Honda Hitomi’s dog!

In return, her parents shared childhood albums of Honda Hitomi. The girls were able to spot her with her signature cute cheeks in a group of children right away, and they marveled over various photos of her as a kid.

Honda Hitomi revealed that she was able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle ever since she was little. Her members awed over the fact, and Kim Chae Yeon confessed she needed training wheels on her bicycle when she was a kid. Miyawaki Sakura asked her parents what kind of child she was, and they revealed Honda Hitomi had been a strong girl who never cried.

Honda Hitomi’s parents were then asked to choose their favorite member. Her father picked Ahn Yoo Jin, and after much deliberation, her brother chose Yabuki Nako. Both girls celebrated by putting on brief performances in front of the family.

Finally, the girls revealed they had prepared hand-written letters for the family. Honda Hitomi, who knew nothing about them since they had been written while she was in a photo shoot, couldn’t hide her surprise. Her mother was touched, and she read several out loud, like the one from Miyawaki Sakura. The letter said, “Thank you so much for today. Hitomi, Nako, and I will do our best away from Japan. You must worry a lot, but we will work together and help each other out. Please support IZ*ONE.”

Kwon Eun Bi, who wrote her letter in Korean and Japanese, read it out loud, saying, “I know you will be worried she will be living in a foreign country away from her parents for the next two years and six months. However, please don’t worry. I believe Hitomi will be able to succeed more than anyone. The 11 of us, including I, will do our best to make sure Hitomi isn’t lonely and doesn’t have a hard time, so don’t worry. Think of us comfortably as your daughters, and leave Hitomi to us. We will treasure her like she is our family too.”

Honda Hitomi’s mother expressed her gratitude and asked the girls to take good care of her daughter.

After being formed through the Mnet survival show “Produce 48,” IZ*ONE recently made their debut with their title track “La Vie en Rose.”

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