“Begin A Game” Cast Talks About Potential Celebrity Guests, Fellow Gamer Friends, And More

The cast members of MBC’s new variety show “Begin A Game” had a lot to say about games!

On November 2, a press conference was held for the upcoming program. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Shindong, comedian Kim Joon Hyun, Guillaume Patry, B1A4’s Gongchan, and Berry Good’s Johyun were in attendance.

“Begin A Game” is a game program in which its guests will play games and share stories or past memories relating to said game. In addition to nostalgic games of the past, e-sports games such as those featured at the 2018 Asian Games will also be showcased on the show. Celebrity guests will appear on the program to show off their hidden gaming life and even go up against professional gamers.

During the event, Gongchan was asked about his gaming abilities. He answered, “I think I’m always just alright at all games. It’s not that I’m bad. [They said] that we’d be playing older games (on ‘Begin A Game’), but because I’ve liked games since I was young, we were able to play games that I’ve mostly played before. It was fun.”

In response to another question about his gaming buddies, Gongchan chose VIXX’s Hongbin and entertainer Oh Hyun Min. He remarked, “I’m learning a lot while playing various games with those friends.”

Later, Berry Good’s Johyun talked about her own experiences with games as she said, “I’ve spent many nights just playing games before, but I was glad to show off the technical parts [of gaming] and relieve stress.”

She revealed that her family also enjoyed playing games as she added, “When I’m watching TV with my dad, he always seems to turn on game shows.”

The conversation then turned to the topic of the show’s celebrity guests.

Comedian Jang Dong Min will be the show’s first guest, but Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his picks as well. He commented, “There are a lot of people who are rumored to be good at games in the entertainment industry. With Heechul in the lead, I heard actor Lee Min Ho is also good at games. Our agency’s juniors EXO are also good, and we play sometimes, but if the chance arises, I’d like to invite them and play together.”

“Begin A Game” premieres on November 3 at 12:55 a.m. KST.

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