MONSTA X Celebrates Minhyuk's Birthday With Heartfelt Messages

On November 3, MONSTA X took to Twitter to celebrate Minhyuk’s birthday with an emotional outpouring of love and support!

Throughout the day, each of the MONSTA X members posted photos of Minhyuk and wrote him a personal message to wish him a happy birthday.

Shownu and Hyungwon also specifically mentioned their delight at being able to celebrate Minhyuk’s birthday during an especially meaningful week for the group—MONSTA X took home no less than four music show trophies this week with their new title track “Shoot Out,” and the group earned their very first win on a public broadcast network music show (on the November 2 episode of KBS’s “Music Bank“) just the day before.

Hyungwon wrote, “This week was the happiest week of my entire life, and it makes me even happier that your birthday was a part of it. Happy Birthday, and I hope that your future will only hold even happier things.

“Time flies by so fast; when I think of all the time we’ve spent together, I feel strange. Let’s continue to fill what’s left of our twenties with even happier memories. Once again, Happy Birthday.”

Shownu also posted a candid photo of Minhyuk and wrote, “Throwing in a boyfriend shot of Minhyuk! Hehe. I’m so glad that you’re celebrating your birthday during such a happy time [for the group], and I hope that your days are filled with only happy things in the future!”

Jooheon shared photos of himself posing with Minhyuk and wrote, “My friend, my hyung, and my bandmate, Minhyuk, I wish you a very, very happy birthday. Even though we bicker every day, you know that it’s all because I love you, right? Thank you for giving the group positive energy and strength, and also for being handsome, hehe. Our Minhyuk, thank you for being born, and I love you a lot.”

Wonho wrote, “Minhyuk, with whom I go shopping, eat together, and spend the most time; even though I tell you not to joke around [with me], I know that you’re doing it for my sake, because I’m not good at [being funny] on broadcasts! Thank you so much, and I wish you a happy birthday. I’m so thankful that we’re in the same group. Happy Birthday.”

I.M kept his message short and sweet, writing, “My hyung, who was born to be loved and who deserves to be loved, I love you as well. Please be happier than anyone else today.”

Finally, Kihyun wrote, “As a friend, thank you for always being a good friend, and as a member of the group, thank you for always giving us positive energy and strength. Let’s keep showing your cool side in the future. I wish you a very, very happy birthday!!!!!”

We hope that Minhyuk had a very happy birthday!

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