Watch: EXO’s D.O.’s “100 Days My Prince” Co-Stars Show Support For His Comeback

The cast of tvN’s “100 Days My Prince” showed their love for EXO’s D.O. by supporting his comeback!

EXO made a comeback earlier this week with their fifth studio album “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” featuring the title track “Tempo,” and D.O.’s “100 Days My Prince” co-stars have been cheering him on.

On November 3, Nam Ji Hyun posted a selfie and video of herself posing with Kim Ki Doo and Lee Min Ji, writing, “A video and photo for Ggeut Nyeo. Stop being sad.”

She added in the hashtags, “We’re one,” “so,” “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” “We need to listen to ‘Tempo’ a lot,” and “Let’s go, ‘100 Days My Prince’ team.”

Kim Ki Doo shared a photo of EXO’s new logo for “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” along with a video of himself singing along to “Tempo.” He also posted two meme-like photos of himself bearing the captions, “Tempo will probably be a huge success” and “The song is amazing!”

He wrote in the hashtags, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” “The song is amazing,” and “It’s stuck in my head.”

The actor went on, “Won Deuk’s comeback! He’s now D.O. Goo Dol’s friend is already successful, but please listen to [‘Tempo’] a lot so he can be even more successful. Why? Because we’re one! P.S. Singing along to ‘Tempo.’ I’m not an idol, but an aigoo-dol [a pun on his character’s name Goo Dol and the Korean exclamation aigoo]. In the end, I’m Goo Dol.”

On November 4, Lee Min Ji also posted a video of herself listening to “Tempo” in the car and giving it a big thumbs-up. She wrote, “On my way home from work. The song for going home.”

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“100 Days My Prince” aired its final episode on October 30, when it achieved the highest viewership ratings of its entire run.

Check out EXO’s new music video for “Tempo” here!

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