IZ*ONE Becomes 4th Highest K-Pop Girl Group In First Week Album Sales

IZ*ONE is showing explosive popularity with their debut album!

Previously within the first day, the group set a new record for first week sales among K-pop girl group debut albums.

As recorded by Hanteo, IZ*ONE’s album “COLOR*IZ” sold a total of about 80,800 copies in its first week.

This makes “COLOR*IZ” No. 9 in terms of first week sales for a K-pop girl group. IZ*ONE is now No. 4 of K-pop girl groups in terms of first week album sales, only proceeded by TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Girls’ Generation.

The current top 10 of K-pop girl group first week album sales are as follows:

1. TWICE “twicetagram”
2. TWICE “Signal”
3. TWICE “TWICEcoaster : LANE 2”
4. TWICE “What is Love?”
5. TWICE “Summer Nights”
6. BLACKPINK “Square Up”
7. TWICE “TWICEcoaster : LANE 1”
8. Girls’ Generation “Holiday Night”
10. Girls’ Generation “The Boys”

Congratulations to IZ*ONE!

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