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Just when we thought things couldn’t heat up anymore in the series, boy, were we proven wrong. It seems like we’re slowly getting to the climax of the plot as the relationships between the characters are intensifying and secrets are slowly being revealed. Here’s a look at 5 things we loved and 3 things we hated about this past week’s episodes.

LOVED: Oh Dae Gi and Na Young Joo’s budding romance

I’m absolutely loving this pair! It’s a bit early to say that there’s love between the two, but I’m hoping it leads to it because they’re perfect for each other. Dae Gi seems protective of Young Joo, especially considering that they’re both security guards and putting their lives at risk on the regular. I find myself just as excited about this pair as the lead pair!

HATED: The bullying

What is it with Korean dramas and catty people who enjoy putting people down? There seems to be a lot of it in this particular drama, with not only Yeo Reum’s old “friend” but also with the management and employees.

When Yeo Reum’s high school bully shows up at the airport and recognizes her, she takes advantage of the fact that Yeo Reum works at the airport, which made my blood boil. I wanted Yeo Reum to tell her off and be the strong character that she seems to be developing into. It’s irritating to see her old bully go ahead and blackmail her with a secret.

BUT LOVED: Yeo Reum sticking up for herself

I wanted to cheer when Yeo Reum was able to face her old bully and tell her what she was feeling. It’s the closure she needed to move on from her traumatic past. Especially when she said, “So you also should live a proper life. How old are you to still be acting this way? Aren’t you even embarrassed living that way?” Applause.

LOVED: The subtle moments of Soo Yeon and Yeo Reum running into each other

There’s something about the moments when Soo Yeon and Yeo Reum meet that is just magical. The atmosphere and mood of the scene completely shifts and it’s almost like we’re watching a totally different drama. Everything pauses and every single word that is exchanged between the two is intimate and emphasized.

HATED: Seo In Woo’s mischievous ways

I still don’t know what the deal with Seo In Woo (Lee Dong Gun) is and why he’s so bent on making Soo Yeon’s life so much more difficult. Why can’t he just leave him alone?

In this particular scene, Seo In Woo asks Yeo Reum for a favor pertaining to Soo Yeon, but he gets caught right in the midst of it as Soo Yeon walks into the room.

Needless to say, Soo Yeon was not happy.

LOVED: The hand holding scene

When Lee Soo Yeon and Han Yeo Reum get crammed into the elevator at work, they are physically pushed a little closer together.

To the first touch and then the eventual full-out hand holding, this moment is simple but so romantic and sweet. It’s especially adorable because Yeo Reum is the one making the advances. Soo Yeon looked so taken aback and flustered!

LOVED: “I keep malfunctioning because of you.”

We find out that Lee Soo Yeon’s arm and leg keep malfunctioning because of Yeo Reum. We’re not exactly sure how it technically happens, but it’s clear that being around her all the time is putting his life at risk.

This particular moment has so much depth and really showcases Lee Je Hoon’s ability as an actor. His emotion and tears really cause the scene to tug at our heartstrings!

HATED: The cliffhanger

When Lee Soo Yeon plans to go on that date with Han Yeo Reum, he decides that he wants to show her his disability and shows up to their date in his wheelchair. He’s finally about to reveal his secret so that he doesn’t have to risk his life to be with her, but then the episode ends with Han Yeo Reum running into some trouble at the airport.

It seems as though we’ll have to wait another week or so for Yeo Reum to find out Soo Yeon’s secret. Don’t you hate having to wait?!

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