10 K-Pop Groups Who Waited Years For Their First Music Show Win

Winning on a music show is a huge dream for every idol group, and some of our favorite idols had to wait for a really long time to celebrate their first win. It’s always so inspiring to see these hardworking idols achieving great things, and even though the wait was long, seeing them shedding a few tears of happiness is a dream come true for fans as well! Let’s take a look at some of the groups who had to wait the longest to get their first win!

U-KISS — 6 years, 7 months

Some fans even said U-KISS was the Leonardo DiCaprio of K-pop, as the boys had to wait until 2015 to get their first win on “The Show.” Considering they debuted back in 2008, it really took a lot of comebacks and fantastic songs to get there, but “Playground” finally gave the members what they deserved!

NU’EST — 5 years, 7 months

It was almost six years of waiting, but the 2012 group NU’EST finally had their first win last year with NU’EST W’s “Where You At.” They were truly in shock, and it’s easy to get emotional watching these boys slowly accepting what just happened to them.

BTOB — 3 years, 7 months

Leader Eunkwang was so surprised when BTOB got their first trophy three years into their career with “Way Back Home” that he didn’t even prepare a speech for accepting the award. It was a really heartwarming moment for both the members and their fandom Melody.

Boyfriend — 3 years, 6 months

The boys were in tears when they found out they won their first trophy back in 2014 with “Witch.” All their hard work finally payed off, and leader Donghyun said it was a true dream come true for all of them.

Girl’s Day — 3 years

In 2013, “Female President” bought the first win for the ladies of Girl’s Day after being active for three years in the industry. However, it was the group’s 2014 hit “Something” that bought them the most wins, and they still got surprised and awed every time.

EXID — 2 years, 11 months

Full of bops, EXID has always known how to blow us away with their talent. After their debut in 2012, it still took them almost three years to land their first win on music shows with “Up & Down.” Prepare your tissues, because the next few minutes will be emotional!

LABOUM — 2 years, 8 months

These girls, who debuted in 2014, also waited almost three years to finally succeed on music shows. “Hwi Hwi” was the song that changed the game for all, and we can’t help but feel happy for them after watching this video.

Lovelyz — 2 years, 6 months

Having debuted in 2014, Lovelyz was also heading into their third year when they received their first music show trophy with “Now, We.” The girls couldn’t help but burst into tears when they were announced as the winner.

Block B — 2 years, 6 months

It wasn’t until 2013 that Block B members got their first win with “Very Good.” Leader Zico was truly confused after the announcement. Their encore stage was in true Block B style, though!

MONSTA X — 2 years, 6 months

All Monbebes were desperately waiting for the moment MONSTA X got number one in a music program. It took them more than two years, but 2017 really changed the game: after their first win with “Dramarama,” they were well on their way to becoming a truly successful and popular boy group!

MONSTA X also recently celebrated their first win on a major network music show, taking home the “Music Bank” trophy on November 2 for “Shoot Out.” It was an emotional day for both MONSTA X and Monbebes!

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