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The November 6 broadcast of JTBC’s “Idol Room” was, in the words of TWICE, the most fun they’ve had on “Idol Room” ever — out of their two appearances.

First, introducing their new song, TWICE did Idol Room’s signature Nano Dance challenge, in which they perform an individual relay of the song’s most memorable portion of choreography.

The group then had a dance battle to Camila Cabello’s “Havana” to decide who the “Havana queen” of TWICE is. Previous idols awarded the title of “Havana queen” were Red Velvet’s Joy, Sunmi, Oh My Girl’s YooA, and WJSN’s Exy.

When someone suggested the youngest member should go first, Tzuyu protested, “It’s only for things like this!” Seeing how shy Tzuyu was, the MCs relentlessly teased her, eventually letting her, after a failed attempt, go fourth.

Watch the TWICE members dance to “Havana”:

In the next series of mini games, the MCs presented a description — biggest Oh My Girl fangirl, language genius, biggest eater, etc. — and the TWICE members voted for who they thought was the most fitting. The MCs then explained a game they would play, and the members who had voted for the winner of the game received a point.

The first game was to determine who the biggest Oh My Girl fangirl is in TWICE, with the members doing a famous aegyo song by Oh My Girl’s Seunghee. TWICE was incredibly embarrassed when they found out Seunghee was watching their aegyo the whole time through a video call in order to select the winner.

Seunghee chose Chaeyoung, and because no members had voted for Chaeyoung as the biggest Oh My Girl fangirl, no one was awarded a point.

TWICE then continued with similar voting and games for the “language genius” of the group, seeing who could decipher Momo’s ambiguous hand gestures the best; the “biggest eater” of the group, playing a game to see who could eat tape candy the quickest; and the “best fists” of the group, playing a game to see who could hit a boxer’s reflex ball the most in 30 seconds.

The members soon started voting for themselves, realizing if they did that they would be able to play the game and potentially win more points.

Watch TWICE’s mini games below:

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