BIGFLO’s Ron And MV Director Lee Sa Gang Preparing For Marriage

BIGFLO’s Ron will be getting married to music video director Lee Sa Gang next year!

On November 8, a news outlet reported that Ron and Lee Sa Gang are currently dating and preparing for their wedding. The two have a 11-year age difference as Lee Sa Gang was born in 1980 and Ron was born in 1991.

Another news outlet reported that the two met in April of 2017 through a mutual acquaintance and began dating. After a year and a half of dating, they decided to get married on January 27 next year. They have gradually made wedding preparations since last summer, with both families having met each other, and wedding photos already shot.

A source from the entertainment industry that is reportedly close to the two stated, “Lee Sa Gang and Ron will be getting married soon. As a senior and junior in the entertainment industry, they naturally started dating and have decided to spend their future together. They understand each other well to the point where their 11-year age difference isn’t felt. They give each other reliable advice.”

The source continued, “During Ron’s difficult promotions in the entertainment industry, he received a lot of strength through Lee Sa Gang’s advice. Lee Sa Gang also depended a lot on Ron because of his masculine side and deep consideration. They are a beautiful couple that has a lot of understanding for one another.”

BIGFLO’s agency confirmed, “Ron and Lee Sa Gang have been dating with marriage in mind, and they have decided to hold their wedding on January 27 next year.”

The agency also wrote on the group’s official fancafe, “We ask for the understanding of Wave (BIGFLO’s fanclub) who must have been surprised by the dating rumors and marriage reports of Ron and Lee Sa Gang. The two have been dating for one year and six months.”

The statement continues, “The agency has decided to support their opinions and marriage decision. The scheduled concert on December 22 and the events being planned to meet with Waves in Korea will continue without trouble.”

Lee Sa Gang is a music video director. She graduated from Joong Ang University with a production degree in the Theater and Film department, earned a Master’s degree in Arts (MA) at Central Saint Martins, and majored in Film Studies at the London Film School. She currently works for ZANYBROS, produces music videos for artists as well as commercials, and publishes a film column.

Ron debuted as a member of BIGFLO in 2014. The group recently made a comeback in August with “Emphasize” and has been actively promoting in Korea and abroad.

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