Watch: Netflix’s “Kingdom” Releases Thrilling Teaser + Writer And Director Share Thoughts On Cast And Series

Upcoming Netflix series “Kingdom” has released its first teaser!

On November 8, Netflix held a See What’s Next (SWN) Asia showcase event at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands. Many people attended this event including Netflix’s co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings, chief content officer Ted Sarandos, and Vice President of Product Todd Yellin. They discussed Netflix’s strategy, vision, and introduced some new original series coming to Netflix in 2019.

The Director of Korean Content, Kim Min Young, said, “As Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos mentioned before, I want to introduce Netflix’s most anticipated original series ‘Kingdom.’ It’s a mystery thriller and a story that takes place in the Joseon era. It’s about a prince who tries to save the people during a plague. It’ll be a series that sets a new milestone in Korean drama history.”

Director Kim Sung Hoon commented, “When people asked me why it’s a Netflix original, I didn’t have anything in particular to say so I just said, ‘I’ll show you with the results.’ I think it’ll soon be time where I can show the results. It’s a drama where I wanted to try something new, and it’s a moment where I feel both excitement and fear.” He added, “It’s about the struggle of human greed for power and pain of the citizens that takes place in 15th to 16th century Joseon era.”

The cast of “Kingdom” includes Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Doona, Kim Sang Ho, Heo Joon Ho, Kim Sung KyuJeon Suk Ho, and Kim Hye Joon. About this, director Kim Sung Hoon said, “How could I not cast these people? I thought that Joo Ji Hoon was the best fit for the character’s lonely, reclusive charisma, so I cast him. The Joo Ji Hoon that I saw on set was smarter, sensible, and more outstanding than I thought.”

He continued, “He’s the most intelligent actor out of all of the ones that I know. It’s common for people who are highly intelligent to be lazy, but he showed passion saying that he would do it again even when he was injured. He’s an actor who has handsome looks, high intellect, and passion.”

He added, “Ryu Seung Ryong is the best actor who needs no further explanation. The character that Ryu Seung Ryong portrayed was the character that I worried the most about with the writer. I hoped that he wouldn’t be shown as a simple evil character, and I had no reason to worry the moment Ryu Seung Ryong stepped in front of the camera. He’s an actor who has given me infinite comfort.”

He concluded, “Bae Doona is an actress who knows what sincerity is despite the fact that she’s acting. I think she’s the best actress who can draw sympathy from her co-stars in a second.”

After talking about how she prepared for “Kingdom” since 2011, writer Kim Eun Hee said, “I was interested in the zombie genre. The zombies that I had seen were creatures full of hunger. I wondered what it would be like if it was portrayed as a plague. I came to create this while wondering what it would be like if zombies appeared during the Joseon era where it would be harder to control than now.”

She continued, “In ‘Kingdom,’ people’s necks get cut off, they bleed, and many people die. These kinds of expressions were impossible for existing drama platforms and it was difficult because there were many cruel scenes. I came to do this on the Netflix platform because of the freedom of expression.”

“Kingdom” premieres on January 25, 2019 on Netflix. Check out the teaser below!

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