Watch: Kim Yoo Jung And Yoon Kyun Sang Reveal Their Characters' Motivations For Cleaning

On November 8, upcoming JTBC drama “Clean With Passion for Now” released new teasers of its lead actors.

In one teaser, Kim Yoo Jung’s character is asked about what cleaning means to her. The words “to provide a salary” come up on the screen and she says brightly, “Cleaning is a way to feed myself.” She then scrubs the words away with her sleeve.

In the second teaser, Yoon Kyun Sang’s character is asked the same question. This time, the words “survival instinct” come up on the screen and he says, “Isn’t that obvious?” Although he tries to play it cool, the words on the screen eventually bother him so much that he sprays them away.

Both teasers end with the actors saying, “Tune in after cleaning!”

“Clean With Passion for Now” tells the story of Jang Seon Kyul (Yoon Kyun Sang), the CEO of a cleaning company, and Gil Oh Sol (Kim Yoo Jung), a young job seeker, with totally different perspectives on cleaning. It is based on a webtoon of the same name.

“Clean with Passion for Now” will premiere on November 26. Check out the teasers below!

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