Choon Entertainment Releases Official Statement Explaining Situation Of Longguo's Cat Rcy

Choon Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the whereabouts of Rcy, one of Longguo’s cats.

On November 10, photos began to spread across online communities claiming that a stray cat that had recently been rescued was Longguo’s cat Rcy. The cat in question had similar markings as Rcy, and fans began asking for feedback from Longguo and his agency.

An official statement was posted on Longguo’s official fancafe that read, “Hello, this is Choon Entertainment. First, we want to sincerely apologize for causing worry and concern to many with the situation surrounding Longguo. Before anything else, we will speak of what many people are most curious about. Currently, Longguo’s cat Rcy is being cared for at our agency office, and Longguo is currently deeply reflecting on the effect his actions have had.

“We have been going through the process of confirming all details that fans have expressed their concerns about, and we have spoken directly with Longguo to make sure we have the right information. It is because of this process that it has taken time for us to release our official statement, and for that, we apologize.

“Before explaining the situation that has occurred, we wish to apologize for not being more proactive in handling the situation, especially as Longguo has received much love for his affection for cats. We hang our heads in shame and apologize to all the fans and pet owners who have been hurt by this situation.

“Longguo adopted Kagu in June, and Kagu joined Tolbi and Rcy in the dorms. However, Rcy was unable to adjust to living with Kagu, and Rcy began scratching and causing harm to the other cats. After deep consideration, Longguo made the decision to put Rcy up for adoption. We apologize for not notifying everyone when the decision was made.

“After putting Rcy up for adoption, Longguo attempted to stay in contact with Rcy’s new owner, but he was unable to reach them and this left him feeling very distressed. It was on September 25 that he became aware that Rcy had run away from the new owner. He immediately contacted our agency, and hearing the news, we brought Rcy back and have been taking care of Rcy at the office since.

“We are deeply apologetic of the concern our agency has caused through our negligence. Longguo truly does love and care for animal companions. However, he realizes the severity of his actions, and he is deeply reflecting on his conduct.

“Once again, we sincerely apologize to all who have been hurt by this situation.”

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