Update: NU’EST W Captivates In “Help Me” MV Teaser

Updated November 23 KST:

NU’EST W has revealed their MV teaser for “Help Me”! The video is due out on November 26 at 6 p.m. KST.

Updated November 22 KST:

NU’EST W previews all their new tracks in a pre-listening video!

Updated November 21 KST:

NU’EST W has surprised with a set of “point photos” for their upcoming album “WAKE,N.”





Updated November 21 KST:

NU’EST W’s latest teasers for their return for “WAKE,N” are two new photos!

Updated November 20 KST:

NU’EST W’s track list for “WAKE,N” is now out!

“WAKE,N” will include seven songs in total, featuring the title track “Help Me” that was composed by Bumzu and Baekho with lyrics by Baekho, JR, and Bumzu. Each of the four members will also be releasing a solo track!

Check out all the details below!

Updated November 19 KST:

NU’EST W has dropped their first group teaser image for their upcoming comeback album “WAKE,N.” Check it out below!

Updated November 17 KST:

NU’EST W has released another set of teaser photos for their return with “WAKE,N”! This set is titled the “Collapse” version.

The photos were shared with the poem “The Dream Cracks” by Yoon Dong Joo. It reads:

“I awake from a dream.
Out of a deep mist.

The lark that had been singing
Has flown away.

It is not the field of gold
where we had sung of spring in days gone by.

The tower collapsed.
The tower of my red heart ——

The marble tower that had been engraved using fingernails ——
All in the storm of one night.

Oh — the field of devastation
I choke up in tears!

The dream cracked.
The tower collapsed.”

Updated November 16 KST:

NU’EST W has gifted fans with a new set of teaser photos for “WAKE,N,” which are described as the “Crack” version.

Updated November 15 KST:

NU’EST W is previewing their comeback with a new “concept passage.” This poem excerpt is from Lee Jung Ha’s “Island.” It reads:

“I was always alone.
It was the fact that I was alone
that made me hate opening my eyes.
Will I be swept away somewhere while I’m like this.”

Updated November 14 KST:

NU’EST W’s first concept photos for their return with “WAKE,N” are now here! This set has been described as the “Dream” version.

Updated November 13 KST:

NU’EST W has shared a “concept passage” teaser for their return with “WAKE,N” on their website!

The passage is from the poem “The Season of Loss” by Chae Min Sung. It reads:

“There was a time when romance was lost.
The only thing lost was romance,
but it turned the world upside down.
The only thing that had left was one person,
but it made the seasons change.”

Original Article:

NU’EST W has revealed their first teaser for their upcoming comeback!

On November 12 at midnight KST, the group dropped a prologue video that announced their next release to be “WAKE,N.”

This will be NU’EST W’s first release in five months, following their mini album “WHO, YOU” and its title track “Dejavu.”

“WAKE,N” is set to be released on November 26 at 6 p.m. KST.

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