Rose Motel Disbands After 7 Years Together + Member Comments On Disbandment

Rose Motel shared news of the band’s disbandment, and member Lim Kyung Seop made a comment regarding the agency’s official statement.

On November 12, the band’s agency ROXTAMUZIK&LIVE released an official statement regarding the future plans of the band and its members.

Read the agency’s official statement below:

“Hello. This is Rose Motel’s agency ROXTAMUZI&LIVE.

“We are sad to share this bad news to all the people who love Rose Motel. Rose Motel was loved by many people through performing on stage and on television ever since Yook Joong Wan and Kang Joon Woo mainly worked to form the band in 2011 and started to actively perform as a five-member group from 2012. The group decided to disband due to the members’ different opinions and ideas, and the group’s 7-year-long activities will end starting on November 12, the expiration date of the group’s contract with us.

“Members Yook Joong Wan and Kang Joon Woo will continue their activities as ‘Yook Joong Wan Band.’

“Please look forward to the future activities of Rose Motel’s five members, Yoon Jang Hyun, Lim Kyung Seop, Yook Joong Wan, Bae Sang Jae, and Kang Joon Woo, and show love and support.

“Thank you.”

On November 12, Rose Motel’s member Lim Kyung Seop also posted on his personal social media account regarding the group’s disbandment.

His post reads as follows:

“‘The owner of Rose Motel is not one specific person.’

“Hello. This is Lim Kyung Seop, Yoon Jang Hyun, and Bae Sang Jae.

“First, we are sorry to face our fans.

“We spoke up to correct the official statement released by our agency this morning.

“Rose Motel did not disband. Rose motel was disassembled. Two people told the other three people to leave.

“Rose Motel is not owned by one of the members. It is not that person’s band or a band that carries his name.

“Rose Motel is a five-member band.

“Nameless musicians were loved more than they deserved during the past seven years after an unexpected lucky encounter.

“Thank you.

“From Rose Motel’s Bae Sang Jae, Lim Kyung Seop, and Yoon Jang Hyun.”

What do you think about their disbandment?

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