K-Pop Idols Who Will Officially Become Adults In 2019

With the end of the year approaching, 2019 is just around the corner—which means that many of our favorite 19-year-old K-pop idols (according to the Korean age system) will soon become legal adults!

Here are some of the many idols born in 2000 who will be turning 20 (by Korean reckoning) this January:

NCT’s Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, and Renjun

Stray Kids’ Felix, Hyunjin, Han, and Seungmin

The Boyz’s Sunwoo, Eric, and Hwall

Wanna One’s Bae Jin Young


IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae Won and Lee Chae Yeon

LOONA’s Heejin, Hyunjin, and Go Won

SF9’s Chani

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua

CLC’s Eunbin

ASTRO’s Sanha

PRISTIN’s Xiyeon

fromis_9’s Seoyeon, Nakyung, and Chaeyoung

Weki Meki’s Sei and Lua

TRCNG’s Wooyeop, Hayoung, Jisung, Taeseon, Jihun, and Hakmin

APRIL’s Rachel and Yena

DIA’s Somyi

Golden Child’s Bomin

Are there any idols whom you were surprised to see on the list?

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