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DAY6 opened their North American “Youth” tour with an incredible concert!

The North American leg of DAY6’s first world tour began on November 9 in downtown Toronto at the city’s famed Roy Thomson Hall. From beginning to end, both the band and their fans My Day filled the venue with their impressive energy, and the guys commented several times throughout the night on how wowed they were by their fans in Toronto.

In return, My Day was treated to a night full of stellar performances — with everything from DAY6’s earlier songs such as “Congratulations” and “Letting Go” to many of the tracks off their 2018 mini album “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1,” as well as a showcase of fan-favorites from their 2017 “Every Day6” monthly project and more.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the concert!

Young K’s homecoming

The concert marked Young K’s returned to Toronto, where he studied for five years. Considering it was a special moment for his bandmate, Jae relented on his usual insistence that Young K be called by his English name Brian, and encouraged fans to cheer his stage name “Young K” instead.


Young K shared that the night was particularly special for him as they were performing at Roy Thomson Hall. “When I used to study here, I watched some shows here,” he said. “But back then, I didn’t even think about being on the stage. I didn’t know. I did it!”

The guys having fun while showcasing their talents

The night was jam-packed with great moments where it was clear the members were having a blast while thrilling their fans with their musical talents. For example, Jae cracking himself up with a particularly fun ad lib.


Or Young K dealing with My Day playfully copying him by taking the vocal competition to the next level.

Also, Sungjin impressing with his guitar riffs.

Or Dowoon melting hearts with his big smile while rocking out during “First Time.”

Wonpil also shared that he had something he wanted to do, and played “I’m Serious” on the piano while My Day sang along, creating a beautiful moment.

Explaining the meaning of “Youth”

During the show, Young K shared some wisdom with fans and an encouraging message about the importance of believing in yourself and learning from failure, rather than letting it defeat you.

He explained that when he feels tired or down, he looks back on memories of the fun times that he had in Toronto. “I think to myself, ‘You had fun before, but those times got you to this place and all the things you’re going through right now are going to make you a better person in the future,” he said. “I always tell myself to endure it, ‘Go through with it, you can do this, believe in yourself.'”

He said to fans, “I really want you to believe in your youth,” and encouraged everyone to think of “youth” as not something that only young people have.

“I think you’ve lost youth when you lose that passion in your life, when you lose yourself,” he explained. “So I want you guys to actually believe in yourself. And whatever you want to do, try it, go with it, and taste that failure. You can succeed, that’s great, but there’s always failure. I know, it hurts, but that’s going to make you guys stronger. Because that’s not going to be the end. If you guys believe in yourself, that’s not the end. There’s more to it. So you guys learn from it, and I want you to be happy at the end.”

My Day’s phenomenal energy

The group praised the crowd on what Jae described as their “phenomenal” energy throughout the night. My Day also got to show off their own talents and love for DAY6 and their music during the group’s performance of their debut track “Congratulations,” leading to an unforgettable moment as the fans carried the verse all on their own.

The fan chants were also off the charts throughout the night, especially during songs like “I Wait.”


The members were sure to promise that they’ll be back in Toronto. Wonpil also shared his hope that the next time the group comes back, he’ll have learned more English and be able to joke with the fans.

Sungjin promised, “If you keep waiting, we’ll keep coming.” We’ll look forward to their return!

Special thanks to SubKulture Entertainment for the invitation!

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