Update: The Boyz Gears Up For “The Only” Comeback With Aesthetic Teaser Video

Updated November 28 KST:

The Boyz dropped a new teaser for their return, titled “Breathe in the Air”!

Updated November 27 KST:

The Boyz’s latest teaser for their return with “The Only” is now out! They have released a lyrics spoiler that includes previews of their upcoming tracks’ lyrics as well as some new photos.

“No Air” includes the lyrics “You who makes me breathe, you who makes everything bright.” The lyrics spoiler for “Only ONE” is “You’re the only one who makes me breathe. You’re the only one who makes me overwhelmed with joy.”

“Lucid Dream” features the lyrics “Stay stay stay in my dream, because I’ll be staying in this dream that’s full of you.”

The lyrics preview for “Melting Heart” includes “All of my moments in between the seasons are colored by you.” Finally, the lyrics teaser for “4EVER” is “Could it all be coincidence? No, it must be destiny. You mean forever to me, I say 4EVER U say 4EVER.”

Updated November 26 KST:

The Boyz has released a sneak peek of their music video for their upcoming title track “No Air”!

Check out the new clip below:

Updated November 23 KST:

The Boyz dropped a highlight medley for “The Only”!

Updated November 22 KST:

The Boyz has revealed their track list for “The Only”!

The mini album will include six songs in total, featuring the title track “No Air.” Sunwoo took part in writing the lyrics for their title track as well as the songs “Only ONE” and “36.5° (Melting Heart).”

Updated November 21 KST:

The Boyz shared the process of creating photos for “The Only” in a making-of video!

They have also released ASMR videos with sound effects to fit footage from their teaser photo shoots.

Updated November 20 KST:

Ahead of their comeback on November 29, The Boyz has shared a new set of concept photos for “The Only”! This set is titled their “In the Air” photos.

Updated November 19 KST:

The Boyz has dropped a film ahead of their upcoming comeback with mini album “The Only,” which features “No Air”!

Updated November 18 KST:

The Boyz’s Sunwoo, Jacob, and Sangyeon star in the group’s final set of striking individual teasers for their upcoming comeback with “No Air”!

Updated November 17 KST:

The Boyz’s third set of teaser images for “The Only” is now out, including members New, Eric, and Juyeon!

Updated November 16 KST:

The Boyz has shared a second set of teasers for “The Only,” this time featuring Hwall, Younghoon, and Q!

Updated November 15 KST:

The Boyz has shared individual teaser images for their mini album “The Only” and title track “No Air”! This first set includes members Hyunjae, Ju Haknyeon, and Kevin.

Original Article:

The Boyz has released their first teasers with some new information about their comeback!

The group will be returning on November 29 at 6 p.m. KST with their third mini album. It appears that the release will be titled “The Only,” with the title track “No Air.”

New teasers will be released every day at 12:06 a.m. KST, as the group’s debut date was December 6, 2017. The Boyz most recently made a comeback in September with “Right Here.”

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