Idols Express Nerves As They Show Up For College Entrance Exam

This year’s College Scholastic Ability Test (hereafter CSAT) in Korea began on the morning of November 15.

Several idols, most being born in 2000, arrived at their respective assigned test centers to partake in the exam.

Stray KidsHyunjin is taking his exam at Guil High School, while Seungmin is taking his at Kyunggi High School.

Hyunjin commented, “I am really nervous. I’m a little frazzled because I came right after recording [for a music show], but I will do my best to solve the questions.” When asked if he studied a lot, he responded with a shy smile, “I did in my mind a lot.”

He concluded by saying to the fellow test takers, “To the many people who have prepared for the CSAT for a really long time, I want to tell them that they have worked hard. I hope you will achieve results even greater than how much you have studied.”

IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae Won was accompanied by her members Kang Hye Won and Miyawaki Sakura as she arrived at Ogum High School for the exam.

She shared, “I am very nervous, but as hard as I have worked, I will do my best.” Kim Chae Won also revealed that her mother packed her inari sushi and fruit for lunch. On what she wants to do when the exam is over, she said that she wants to eat delicious food with their members at the dorm.

Kang Hye Won remarked in support, “As usual, don’t be nervous, and do well. Hwaiting!” Miyawaki Sakura added, “Chae Won, you can do it! Hwaiting!”

The Boyz’s Sunwoo and Hwall are taking their exams at Jamsil High School and Doonchon High School, respectively.

Sunwoo shared, “Last year, I went to see my members off when they were taking the exam. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I am already taking the exam now.”

When asked to say a word to his friends also taking the exam, he responded, “From what I saw yesterday, they are really nervous. I think you just have to do as well as you have prepared, and I hope all the test takers across the country won’t be nervous and will do well.”

Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung and Lua are also taking the exam.

Choi Yoojung said at her test center Gocheok High School, “All the test takers who are taking the exam today, you have worked very hard until now. I hope you will all complete the exam well as much you have prepared without making mistakes. Hwaiting!”

Golden Child’s Bomin arrived to take his exam at Jamsil High School. He revealed that his members packed him lunch and added, “I will eat this and gain strength to work hard [for the exam].”

Bomin continued, “The members cheered me on a lot yesterday telling me to not be nervous and do well. I am not nervous yet. I will do my best.”

All of MOMOLAND showed up together to support their youngest member Ahin at her test center Ogum High School.

Ahin commented, “I am the last MOMOLAND member to take the CSAT. I hope all the test takers will do well so you can return happily with good results.”

LOONA’s Heejin is taking her exam at Changmun Girls’ High School, while Hyunjin is at Seoul National University High School.

Heejin began, “I am very nervous, but as much as I have prepared, I will work hard and do my best.” She shared, “Yesterday, the members clapped and cheered me on telling me to do well. They packed me snacks and lunch in the middle of the night. I will do well with the support of my members.”

TRCNG’s Jihun, Hayoung, Jisung, and Hyunwoo are all taking the exam today.

Jisung commented, “The CSAT is a once-in-a-lifetime exam, so we will do our best. Hwaiting!” Hyunwoo shared regarding their members, “They gave us chocolate and snacks and cheered us on a lot, telling us to do well. Two other members are taking the exam today also.”

Other idols who are taking the exam today include fromis_9’s Chaeyoung, DIA’s Somyi, and NewKidd’s Jin Kwon.

Best of luck to all!

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