Update: GOT7 Brings Holiday Magic With Sparkling “Miracle” MV Teaser

Updated November 30 KST:

GOT7 is preparing fans for their upcoming present with an MV teaser for “Miracle”!

Updated November 29 KST:

GOT7 has released a preview of their upcoming song “Miracle” through a video titled “Winter Story with I GOT7”!

Updated November 28 KST:

GOT7 has revealed the lyrics of their upcoming title track “Miracle”! The song is a moving message of love and appreciation for their fans.

Check out a translation of the lyrics below:

“It was the kind of day where
it felt like a particularly cold winter to me
And it was the kind of night where
I felt like the year had passed by as though it had forgotten me

You were standing in front of me by chance
To me you were like a ray of light
In my dark sky in which no one came looking for me
You became a little star
and shone brightly for me

The fact that at the end of the winter,
I met you, who became the spring
Oh miracle, for me
It’s such a miracle
After you arrived
The winter doesn’t just feel cold anymore
Because there’s you,
who’s looking at me yeah

My heart that no one had looked for
My room that didn’t even have the lights on

There were layers of dust
covering up my dreams

I met you and they woke up again
They become reality
It was a miracle
The moment you appeared in front of me

I still remember
In my sky that was dark
The green starlights that came one by one

Come to me gently
And settle in my heart

Becoming a galaxy
that’s so full it’s blinding

In the time when I walked alone
You held out a warm hand to me

My old dreams used to be dim
but your hand warmly enveloped them
and made flowers blossom

To me, it’s like spring has come

Baby without you
I can’t even imagine, my everything
Oh you, you are all of my dreams now

Walk together with me on this path
Be together with me at its end too
It’s not my dream, it’s our dream
Forever, share this dream with me

I want to share it with you
The cold winter and the spring after that
Please stay right by my side”

Updated November 27 KST:

GOT7’s second set of individual teasers for “Miracle” is now out, including photos of Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, and Yugyeom!

Updated November 26 KST:

GOT7 has unveiled their first set of stunning individual teaser photos for their upcoming comeback with “Miracle”!

Check out the new photos of Jackson, BamBam, and JB below:

Updated November 23 KST:

GOT7 has shared their first group teaser photos for their return with “‘Present : YOU’ & ME”!

Updated November 22 KST:

GOT7 has shared an album preview for “‘Present : YOU’ & ME”!

Updated November 21 KST:

GOT7’s track list for “‘Present : YOU’ & ME” is now here!

The repackaged album is a two-CD set that features the title track “Miracle,” which was composed by Moon Kim and KYUM LYK, with lyrics by KYUM LYK and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young. The album includes three new songs, as well as unit and solo tracks that the group performed during concerts!

Updated November 19 KST:

Following the release of the first teaser video, more details have been announced for GOT7’s upcoming album “‘Present : YOU’ & ME”!

As hinted in the teaser clip, the title track is “Miracle.” The song is about what the real miraculous moments are for GOT7.

“‘Present : YOU’ & ME” is the repackaged album for GOT7’s third studio album “Present : YOU” and adds the aspect of “me” to the original meaning of “you” (the fans) being the greatest “present” to GOT7.

“‘Present : YOU’ & ME” is set to be released on December 3 at 6 p.m. KST.

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Updated November 19:

GOT7 has released a teaser clip for their upcoming release “‘Present : YOU’ &ME”!

The teaser video features various festive decorations surrounding a candle that melts away to show the word “Miracle.”

Check it out below!

Original Article:

GOT7 has announced that they’ll release a new edition of their latest album “Present : YOU”!

On November 16 at midnight KST, the group released a teaser poster for the “‘Present : YOU’ &ME” edition of their third album. The album came out in September, and features the title track “Lullaby.”

“‘Present: You’ &Me” is due out on December 3 at 6 p.m. KST.

Stay tuned for more information on GOT7’s new release!

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