Wanna One's Kang Daniel And Park Woo Jin Share Hilariously Different

On the latest episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Park Woo Jin shared some spooky stories from their time abroad!

All 11 members of Wanna One appeared as guests on the November 15 episode of the variety show, during which the MCs asked if they’d had any surprising experiences while on tour.

Park Woo Jin told a story about a frightening experience he’d had in the United States. He explained, “I had never experienced sleep paralysis before in my entire life—until recently, when we were on our world tour. We were staying at a hotel in Newark. The hotel had a very eerie atmosphere, like something out of a horror movie, with yellow lighting and so on. We were all staying in separate rooms, and I had the room at the very end of the hallway.”

Host Jun Hyun Moo remarked, “That’s so scary,” and Park Woo Jin repeated, “I’d never experienced sleep paralysis or seen a ghost or anything like that before in my entire life. But late that night, after I fell asleep, I had a dream. You know how in hotels, there’s a door that leads into the next room? Suddenly, that door slowly opened, and a large foreign man with blond hair walked into the room. I was so scared.”

He went on, “I started thinking, ‘Why is this door opening? Why is this person walking in?’ and at exactly that moment, I woke up. So the first thing I did was check that door. I lifted my head and saw that it was closed, so I thought, ‘That’s a relief.’ Then I tried to get up, but my body wouldn’t move.”

“I was sleeping with my arm over my face,” continued Park Woo Jin, “and I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ I looked over to my left, and there was a dark shadow looming over half of my left arm. So I needed to see what it was, [but I couldn’t move]. I kept thinking, ‘I need to look and see what it is,’ and I struggled to move my arm. When I finally managed to lower my arm, there was nothing there.

“I struggled to move the rest of my body, and at the exact moment that I finally managed to throw my body to one side and get up, I saw the dark shadow pass by.”

Park Woo Jin then terrified the hosts by adding, “That hotel happened to be right next to a cemetery.”

“That was my first time experiencing anything like that,” shared Park Woo Jin. “We had a concert the next day, but I stayed up all night.”

Kang Daniel then revealed that he had also had a strange experience at the same hotel.

“I was so tired that night that I washed up and went straight to bed,” recalled Kang Daniel. “As I was lying in bed, room service arrived. So without much thought, I received the meal and started eating it. But then it occurred to me that I hadn’t ordered any room service.”

“On top of that,” he continued, “I went out to get [the meal] after hearing a knock at my door. But you know how room service typically arrives on a cart? Instead, it was on the floor of the hallway.”

Kang Daniel went on, “The next day, I asked our manager, ‘I didn’t order any room service last night, but I guess you ordered a meal for me on my behalf?’ But he said he hadn’t ordered anything.”

As the MCs began to ponder the secret behind his mystery meal, Kang Daniel added, “My next thought was, ‘Surely I didn’t eat the leftovers of the member staying in the next room?'”

Everyone immediately cracked up, with Yoo Jae Suk replying, “That could happen. Daniel could have picked up the tray left outside by the member in the next room and eaten [his leftovers].”

What do you think happened at the hotel that night? Share your theories below!

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