Listen: Female Rapper SLEEQ Fires Back At San E's

Rapper SLEEQ has released a new diss track in response to San E’s recent song “Feminist.”

Earlier this week, San E triggered a heated debate about gender equality by releasing the track “Feminist,” which featured controversial lyrics about women and various topics pertaining to gender equality.

Rapper Jerry.K later responded to the song, in which San E claims to be a feminist, with a diss track entitled “No You Are Not.”

On November 18, female rapper SLEEQ (who is labelmates with Jerry.K) joined the debate by dropping a diss track of her own. In her new song, entitled “Equalist,” SLEEQ addresses San E directly as she takes on many of his contentious claims.

Read the full lyrics to SLEEQ’s new song below:

Ugh, when I heard someone say “feminism rap coming soon”
I thought, oh right, the year’s ending soon, and
How much longer will I be on my own here? Yeah, it’s about time everyone knew
No, to be honest, it’s long overdue
That’s what I was about to say, but then
I saw your name and thought WTF
I’m not even interested in seeing your lyrics
And yet you come crawling back anyway

It seems like you haven’t even done any studying
And yet you’re shameless, with the unearned confidence so characteristic of Korean men
Just because you have a penis, you think you can act out; your size shows through
You read one measly book and call yourself a feminist
Wow, that must have been so hard; it’s been a while since you last read a book, right?

Honestly, I was surprised after seeing your lyrics
I thought all the kids doing hip hop follow American trends
You earn a lot of money and date a lot of women
I looked at your lyrics to see what garbage you were spewing, if not misogyny
And you were saying things from about 5 million years ago
Saying things that your grandmother might have heard

“There’s no such thing as gender inequality nowadays
Our nation’s in the OECD; we’re a developed country
Women don’t have to serve in the military
Women don’t split the bill on dates
There are too many gold-digging bitches
Women even steal our seats on the subway and our parking spaces”

The thing is, you’re saying things that even the old grandpas on Subway Line 1 don’t say anymore
You say, “I’m no fucking prince”—did anyone even call you a prince to begin with?
“I don’t hate women; rather, my problem is that I love women too much”
You’re debating about misogyny when you can’t even read the word; everyone except for you can see your level

What you want is
For women to serve in the military, to split the bill on dates
To get rid of the subway seats reserved for pregnant women that only women can use
To get rid of parking lots designated only for women
For couples to split the costs equally when they get married
For women not to hate men, for there to be no reverse discrimination
To shut down Womad, to shut down Megal
For us to believe that you’re a little different

What I want is
For men not to kill women
For men not to rape women
For men not to assault women
For men not to blame the victims as they kill, rape, and assault them
For men not to push women out of the system while telling us to blame the system

“We all should be feminist”

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