7 Things Every K-Pop Fandom Is Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving week! And like every year, each one of us has something to be grateful for. Being K-pop fans, our gratitude may expand a bit beyond others’ usual thank you lists, as our favorite artists grant us the best content we can possibly ask for throughout the year.

Hoping that we’re continuously blessed with these gifts, here are seven things every K-pop fandom is thankful for!


1. Fervent comebacks

Every comeback season, our days are made with a satisfactory series of rich content, such as:

The exciting teasers that keep us on our toes


As well as the dazzling MVs that are totally worth the wait!

Not to mention being gifted with serenading albums which make the perfect playlist depending on the season at the time of release!

2. Live stage performances

From music shows to award ceremonies and festivals, we’re grateful for every opportunity we get to watch our favorites perform live!


Weekly promotions are a true bliss


Nothing makes us more delighted like these collab stages do!


And festivals plus momentous ceremonies are simply the cherry on top!

3. Photo shoots

Being one of the finest visual forms of art, we can never get enough of these captivating photo sessions, from the essential concept photos to the various well-known magazines and interview captures.

All dolled up and ready to steal our hearts!

More aesthetics and screensaver options? Yes, please!

4. Concerts and world tours

Being able to enjoy your favorite performances and interacting with idols up close is a true blessing not many get to experience.


Talk about majestic stage presence!

More concerts means more fancams!

5. Fan-dedicated releases

The best part about being a K-pop fan is the mutual appreciation between artists and their fandom, and nothing spells true love between the two parties like a fan song conveying the idols’ literal gratitude.

SEVENTEEN – “Thanks”

GOT7 – “Thank you”

6. Social media updates

No matter which social platform it is, bonding with our favorite idols definitely makes our lives merrier on a daily basis!

Be it via heartwarming V Live sessions

or via the bird app our favorite artists regularly use to stay in touch!

7. Meme-y moments

Leaving the jolliest part for last, while we always gush over how perfect our favorite idols are, we also happen to enjoy their dorky moments just as much. (If not slightly more!)

To name a few:


We’ve got Hyungwon’s timeless sassy moment

And Jungkook’s popular “I know her face, but I don’t know her name” interview meme

What are you thankful for as a K-pop fan? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

Top photo credit: rebloggy

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